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When preparing TIFF images for use with Camino, the following steps should be taken to ensure that color does not shift and that image file sizes remain reasonable (~1000b for single-image icons, ~4000b for dual-image icons).

Images should use the .tiff extension (with two “t"s) and be post-processed[1] with tiffutil.

  1. Open the images in Photoshop and convert the color profile to sRGB
  2. "Save As…", uncheck the "Embed Color Profile" box
  3. tiffutil -lzw on the file
  4. Combine the 32x32 and 24x24 tiffs together using the following command (32x32 first):
    tiffutil -cat 32x32.tiff 24x24.tiff -out filename.tiff

Photoshop also embeds some rather persistent EXIF and TIFF metadata (e.g., "Adobe Photoshop CS4"); exiftool can delete these with the following command (this saves an additional 100bytes or so):

exiftool -exif:all= -Software= -ModifyDate= filename.tiff

Let it never be said that Sam does not worry about bread trucks.

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