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Camino 2.0 Release Notes - Complete

The complete log of new features and bug fixes in Camino 2.0 since the release of Camino 1.6.

Changes in Camino 2.0

  • General
    • Viewing a full-screen Flash video no longer causes the keyboard shortcut for “Close Tab” to close the entire window instead.
    • Worked around a Flash bug to prevent Flash from crashing Camino when invoking Exposé while a Flash video is playing in full-screen mode.
    • Restored the ability to use the Delete key as a shortcut for “Back” and the Escape key as a shortcut to stop animated GIF files.
    • Upgraded the built-in Growl framework to Growl registration from stealing focus from Camino on Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Bookmarks & History
    • Exporting bookmarks using the Safari format no longer uses an incorrect filename extension on subsequent exports.
    • Added support for importing Opera 10 bookmarks.
  • Preferences
    • Command-click now defaults to opening links in new tabs instead of new windows.
    • When adding cookie exceptions, Camino now adds the correct exception for “.sitename.tld” cookies.
    • The presence of non-ASCII data in cookie values no longer prevents display of the list of stored cookies.
  • Privacy & Security
    • It is once again possible to trust new Certificate Authorities.
  • Tabs
    • Added AppleScript support for setting the active tab in each browser window.
    • Tabs now support “name” as an alias for the “title” property.
  • User Interface
    • Polished a number of Preferences and Downloads window toolbar icons to fit more closely with the visual style of Mac OS X 10.5 and later.

Changes in Camino 2.0 Beta 4

  • General
    • Camino now supports the multi-touch “pinch” gesture for zooming a webpage.
    • The “visit count” property of bookmarks and the “id” property of windows are again functional in AppleScripts.
    • Copying the location of a bookmark, link, or image and pasting into Pages documents or rich-text Mail messages now succeeds.
    • When quitting for an automatic update, Camino will now save and restore pages that were open before quitting regardless of whether the “Load the pages that were open before quitting” preference is enabled.
  • Preferences
    • Streamlined the appearance of the Fonts tab of the Appearance preference pane.
    • Camino will more accurately display selected fonts in the Appearance preference pane, especially for East Asian languages.
  • Privacy & Security
    • Camino now supports the Google Safe Browsing service to provide warnings about potentially malicious websites.
    • Users can report unblocked potentially malicious websites using the “Report Phishing Page…” item in the “Help” menu.
    • Improved the appearance of certificate and network error pages.
  • Tabs
    • Camino will now properly display a warning when closing all windows if one window contains multiple tabs.
  • User Interface
    • Added a menu item to toggle the zoom keyboard shortcuts between full-content zoom and larger or smaller text.
    • Camino now uses 10.5-style folder icons on Mac OS X 10.5 and newer.
    • The Bookmark Bar and tab bar now better match the overall appearance of Mac OS X 10.5 and newer.
  • Web Page Interaction
    • Reduced the scale factor used by the full-content zoom.
    • Improved ad-blocking.

Changes in Camino 2.0 Beta 3

  • General
    • Added support for retrieving the text or source of the current page or current selection via AppleScript.
    • Camino includes a new crash reporting system based on Google Breakpad which works on both PowerPC and Intel Macintoshes.
    • Minimized Camino windows now interact better with Spaces on Mac OS X 10.5.
    • Quitting Camino with the pop-up blocker visible should no longer cause a crash.
    • Selecting an item from a context menu after its window has closed will no longer cause a crash.
    • Find will now work properly when viewing JavaScript files which use the new JavaScript MIME type definitions.
  • Bookmarks & History
    • The Bookmark Bar once again has the correct background appearance on Mac OS X 10.4.
  • Downloading
    • When the Downloads window is opened for the first time after launch, Camino now scrolls to the last selected download in the list, or to the end of the list if there is no selection.
    • Added Command-Down Arrow as a keyboard shortcut for opening selected files in the Downloads window.
    • Command-A will now select all downloads in the Downloads window.
    • Camino no longer refreshes download information on inactive downloads.
    • The Downloads window will no longer close when the Customize Toolbar sheet is visible.
    • It is now possible to suppress display of the Downloads window with a hidden preference (this may be useful for Growl users).
  • Localization
    • The “Files” portion of the HTML Complete folder name is now localizable.
  • Preferences
    • The presence of invalid cookies no longer prevents display of the list of stored cookies.
    • The default browser pop-up menu will no longer show a blank default browser on clean Mac OS X 10.5 installations.
  • Privacy & Security
    • It is now possible to see and remove exceptions that have been added to allow access to secure web pages whose certificates are invalid or untrusted.
  • Tabs
    • Improved the performance of tab dragging.
  • Web Page Interaction
    • Web pages will no longer steal keyboard shortcuts from menu commands.
    • Typing to choose an item now works properly in <select> controls with <optgroup> elements.
    • Added “Allow Flash From This Site” to the context menu for blocked Flash animations.
    • Upgraded the “Block flash animations” code to use Flashblock 1.5.10.
    • Improved ad-blocking.

Changes in Camino 2.0 Beta 2

  • Bookmarks & History
    • Bookmark folders expanded during bookmark dragging now auto-collapse after dropping the bookmark.
    • It is once again possible to move bookmarks that were imported from HTML-based bookmark files.
    • Site icons in the bookmarks and history menus now display properly even when modifier keys are pressed.
    • When the Top Ten List collection is used as the Dock menu, “Use as Dock menu” will be checked in the context menu.
    • Added support for importing bookmarks from SeaMonkey 2.
  • Downloading
    • If Growl is installed, Camino will generate notifications when downloads begin and finish.
  • Tabs
    • On Mac OS X 10.4, background tabs will now draw properly while dragging.
    • Attempting to drag the empty space in the tab bar will no longer drag the current tab.
  • User Interface
    • Non-ASCII characters in URLs are now displayed in a readable format in tooltips.
  • Web Page Interaction
    • Pop-up menu <select> controls will always display using the Aqua appearance.
    • Flash animations will no longer continue running once the page containing them has been closed.
    • Upgraded the “Block flash animations” code to use Flashblock 1.5.8.
    • Improved ad-blocking.

Changes in Camino 2.0 Beta 1

  • Bookmarks & History
    • Middle-clicking a bookmark on the Bookmark Bar now opens the bookmark in a new window or tab.
    • It is now possible to drag a bookmark in the search results.
    • Cancelling a search in Bookmarks or History now restores the open folder state.
    • When an Address Book card has the “Company” option selected, Camino now displays the company name as the bookmark title.
    • Escape now cancels an edit in the Bookmarks Manager.
  • Downloading
    • On Mac OS X 10.5, Camino will bounce the downloads folder in the Dock when a download finishes.
  • Localization
    • Many of the informational messages provided by Gecko can now be localized.
  • Preferences
    • Added an exceptions list to allow disabling “Block Flash animations” on a per-site basis.
  • Privacy & Security
    • Camino now supports importing PKCS#12 certificates with the .pkcs12 extension.
    • The “Import” command in the Certificates window now supports importing Certificate Authorities, website certificates, and personal certificates.
  • Tabs
    • Tabs can be rearranged by dragging and dropping.
    • Added an optional toolbar button for Tab Overview.
    • Command-dragging a bookmark folder to a tab will now open the bookmarks in new tabs instead of replacing the current tabs.
    • Site icons in tabs are now the same size as site icons in the location bar.
  • User Interface
    • Non-ASCII characters in URLs are now displayed in a readable format in the location bar and the autocomplete window.
    • The down arrow will now display menus in search fields if the cursor is already at the end of the field.
    • Command-D will now trigger the Bookmark sheet even when Caps Lock is on.
    • When closing the Preferences window with Escape, Camino will no longer commit unsaved changes to text fields.
    • Camino will now choose the most appropriately-sized icon when a web page’s site icon contains icons of multiple sizes.
  • Web Page Interaction
    • QuickTime movies and other plug-in content will now hide properly when switching tabs.
    • Web pages now respect the Mac OS X preference for disabling text smoothing below a certain font size.
    • Camino no longer detects certain non-feed URLs as feeds.
    • Upgraded the “Block flash animations” code to use Flashblock 1.5.7.
    • Improved ad-blocking.

Changes in Camino 2.0 Alpha 1

  • General
    • Camino 2.0 Alpha 1 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
    • Uses version 1.9 of the Mozilla Gecko rendering engine.
      • Includes a new graphics architecture based on Quartz.
      • Better compatibility with popular plug-ins.
      • Significant improvements in Flash performance.
      • Enhanced support for web standards.
      • Supports JavaScript 1.8.
      • Scroll bars in hidden portions of web pages no longer display.
      • Better handling of pages with large tables.
      • Web page form controls now respect author styling in more cases.
      • Improved support for fonts and languages.
    • Upgraded to version 1.5b6 of the Sparkle software update framework.
  • Bookmarks & History
    • The History menu now contains a sub-menu listing the last 20 closed web pages.
    • The importer for HTML bookmark files is now more stable and includes better support for bookmark attributes and for exported Firefox 3 bookmarks.
    • Dropping a bookmark on a collection no longer switches the active collection.
    • It is now possible to drag plain-text javascript: URLs, such as bookmarklets, to the Bookmark Bar.
    • Added a page translation bookmarklet to default bookmarks.
  • Preferences
    • Changes to the font preferences now apply automatically.
    • Changes to the “Home Page” field in the General preference pane now apply without switching panes or closing the Preferences window.
  • Privacy & Security
    • Camino now displays error pages for secure web pages using invalid or untrusted certificates.
    • Camino now supports adding exceptions to allow access to secure web pages whose certificates are invalid or untrusted.
  • Tabs
    • The Tab Overview feature displays a grid of thumbnails of the tabs in the current window.
    • The Command-T keyboard shortcut is now always enabled and will create a new tab in the frontmost browser window.
    • The tab bar is now keyboard accessible.
    • VoiceOver can now speak tab titles.
  • User Interface
    • When Full Keyboard Access is enabled, tabbing now moves correctly through the entire browser window.
    • The notification bar for blocked pop-ups is now keyboard accessible.
    • Directory listings on local disks and FTP sites have a more pleasing appearance.
    • The location bar autocomplete list now displays the site icon for each web page.
    • Site icons and URLs in the location bar are updated correctly in more cases.
    • Camino now better handles invalid characters in the location bar, the search field, and in bookmarks.
    • The “Last Visited” column in History and items in autocomplete lists no longer become editable on Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Web Page Interaction
    • Camino now has support for making the entire content of a web page bigger or smaller.
    • Improved ad-blocking.

Known Issues

See the Camino 2.0 Release Notes for the list of known issues with Camino 2.0.

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