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After the success of our last meet-up in 2007, we'd like to hold another meeting of Camino contributors.



A 2008 Camino meet-up proposed to allow the developers and contributors meet and talk about the future of Camino.


June 14, 2008 (the Saturday after WWDC) starting at 10am PDT.


San Francisco, specific location TBD.


All current and past contributors to Camino would be invited. We'd also invite relevant people from the Gecko team (those working on Mac development).

Confirmed Attendees

pinkerton, ss, jeff, peeja, murph

Pending Attendees

smorgan, kreeger, froodian, ludo, hwaara, josh, marcello, hicks, delliott, Wevah, smichaud, cbarrett

Can't Make It

ardissone, cl, mento, smfr

How Much

We, individually, are responsible for transportation to the bay area, lodging, and other related expenses. Lunch and dinner on the 14th will be covered.

Where possible, those who live in the area could house a couple (or more!) out-of-towners to help defray the costs to them. If needed, we would try to support those who can't afford to come on their own dime.

ss is able to house two or three people and transport them to the meet-up (if transportation is needed).


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them below.

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