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# Download the <code>[ autoconf-2.13]</code> tarball and unpack.
# Download the <code>[ autoconf-2.13]</code> tarball and unpack.
# <code>cd</code> to the unpacked directory.
# <code>cd</code> to the unpacked directory.
# <code>./configure --prefix=/opt/autoconf-2.13</code>
# <code>./configure --prefix=/opt/autoconf-2.13</code> <!-- macports uses --program-suffix=213 -->
# <code>make clean all; sudo make install</code>
# <code>make clean all; sudo make install</code>

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Some people prefer to build their dependencies (glib2, libIDL-0.8, autoconf-2.1.3) from source instead of using Fink or MacPorts and the megabytes of extra software those port systems install by default. Fortunately, it is rather trivial to build the required dependencies from source.


Dependency Tree

Building the Packages

You can install all these packages except autoconf-2.1.3 in /usr/local (where they should be picked up by your $PATH automatically). You should probably install autoconf-2.1.3 in a location outside your path to prevent accidental usage when scripts want the version of autoconf installed with Xcode.


autoconf-2.1.3 has no dependencies aside from software installed with Xcode.

  1. Download the autoconf-2.13 tarball and unpack.
  2. cd to the unpacked directory.
  3. ./configure --prefix=/opt/autoconf-2.13
  4. make clean all; sudo make install


libIDL-0.8 ends up having three dependencies beyond software installed by Xcode, so we will build and install from the dependencies upward.


pkg-config has no external dependencies.

  1. Download the latest... and unpack.
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