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Documents regarding the move to Webkit for Camino 3. Please note that all these documents are currently draft proposals and subject to change.

Camino 3 Planning

Webkit:Timeline describes a timeline toward shipping Camino 3 using Webkit instead of Gecko.

Webkit:Alpha documents the process toward our first alpha of Camino 3 using Webkit.

Webkit:Beta describes what a Camino 3 beta will look like and all steps needed to ship it.

Webkit:Final provides an overview of what a final release of Camino 3 will look like.

Camino 3 Development

Webkit:Reviewing gives details on how the review process will work for Camino 3 pre-alpha, pre-beta, and pre-final.

Webkit:Contributing is a basic overview of how to contribute to Camino 3 development including easier development tasks for new developers.

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