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This page where we will coordinate the promotion/PR for the Camino 1.0 release.

Press Coverage

Please add links to stories, blogs, and other press coverage here.

Announcement Text

The following is a blurb, but not the full press release. This blurb is for submission to websites.

The Camino Project is proud to announce the Camino 1.0 web browser, the culmination of four years of work by dedicated volunteers.

Designed exclusively for Mac OS X, Camino 1.0 is built on Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine and offers one of the fastest browsing experiences available. The only browser available that combines the rendering power of Gecko with the Aqua user interface, Camino 1.0 offers superior integration with the Mac platform and a focused feature set. Among Camino’s signature features are elegant tabbed browsing, an enhanced bookmarks manager, and built-in ad-blocking.

Download Camino 1.0 (Universal) now.


Releases:1.0:Announcement Translations - a place to store the translations of the above blurb that our wonderful l10n folks are providing.

Press Release

The official press release can be found here.

Contact List

Please list contact URLs/emails for major Mac websites and publications in your language/country.



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