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This page exists to provide a repository for requirements, notes, and other information relating to branching CVS trunk in order to support ongoing development for features out-of-scope for Camino 2 while providing a stable branch for the completion for Camino 2 and its subsequent security and stability updates.


  • Mid-late June, following the end of releasemania


  • mozilla/ (will need to track any Core changes following branching) - changes: [1]
  • mozilla/camino
  • mozilla/tools/tinderbox-configs/camino
  • mozilla/build/macosx/universal (needed to prevent breaking user builds)

Tinderboxen and versioning

  • Update 2.0 branch tinder-configs for branch name (uncomment $BuildTag and set to "CAMINO_2_0_BRANCH", set $milestone to "2.0-M1.9", and set $BuildNameExtra to "Cm2-M1.9" if it isn't already correct)
  • rsync Cm2-M1.9 to Cm2.1-M1.9 for "new" trunk on any tinderbox that will pull both, or where the "tree" directory needs to be renamed (link)
  • Update to run the new trunk on any tinderbox (link - "relevant snippet")
  • Update tinderbox-config checkout in Cm2-M1.9/ to pull 2.0 branch files (link - cvs co -d)
    • cb-xserve01 and probably cb-minibinus01 to pull/build CAMINO_2_0_BRANCH code and tinder-configs
  • Update trunk tinder-configs for new version ($BuildNameExtra to "Cm2.1-M1.9" and $milestone to "2.1-M1.9", which controls the ftp dir)
  • Update version number on trunk to "2.1a1pre"


  • Committers should use a local wrapper for cross-commit to provide branch args
  • Get 2.1a1pre into Socorro search field - Bug 504206
  • "Branch" field in Bugzilla will need something for 2.0.x branch
  • Update status whiteboard docs for [camino-2.0] whiteboard entries
  • Update website's "nightly" page to pull desired branch
  • Update pref dashboard for new branch builders
  • Update Development:Building with which boxen to watch