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  • Alpha 1 - 10 October
    • All P1 features should be implemented and in a useable state; breakpad also planned
  • Beta 1
    • Feature freeze, l10n freeze



Currently, the following items are tentatively scoped for Camino 1.6:

Items not on the Meet-Up List:

  • P3 OpenSearch - Bug 358798
  • P2/P3 Sniffing in download code - Bug 309879
  • P3 Minor polish - Bug 371484, Bug 381356, Bug 383959, Bug 381230, among others, more prefPane work
  • P3 Regression fixes from 1.5
    • Preference window slow to open on first open [since RSS] - Bug 353433
    • Some pages which need no zooming (or should shrink) to fit content instead maximize to screen - Bug 360880
    • Status bar option for the pop-up blocker - Bug 333531
    • Make the pop-up bar accessible - Bug 346803
    • Combined location/search bar icon looks weird in the Customize… sheet - Bug 351309
    • Tabbing behaviour between location bar, search field, and page is very odd - Bug 336949
    • "Location" text un-aligned to the location bar - Bug 331330 WONTFIX

P1 - We will not release until this feature is complete.
P2 - If this feature is near completion, we will hold the release for it.
P3 - We will not hold the release for this feature but will consider it for inclusion depending on its status and quality.
Items in strikeout have been fixed since this document was written.


The following developers will work on these Camino 1.6 bugs and features:

  • smorgan: software update, breakpad reporter
  • froodian: tabs, UI polish
  • mento: breakpad integration
  • kreeger: sniffing in download code currently in-progress for Correo
  • murph: search

The following developers have no assigned features at the moment but may be available to work on individual bugs or smaller projects:

  • batwood: ? - Flashblock whitelist Bug 371895, Keychain multiple accounts UI Bug 178607
  • cl: his buglist

The following developers will be otherwise occupied for most of the 1.6 cycle:

Status unknown:

  • Wevah
  • torben
  • BruceD
  • hwaara
  • aschulm
  • jpellico
  • pinkerton