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  • Alpha 1 -
    • All P1 features should be implemented and in a useable state
  • Beta 1
    • Feature freeze, l10n freeze



Currently, the following items are tentatively scoped for Camino 2.1:


  • P2 GTMUILocalizer in MainMenu, BrowserWindow, other non-layout-sensitive nibs - Bug 569180
    (P2 for MainMenu, BrowserWindow; P3 for others)
    GTM/MPL incompatibility

P1 - We will not release until this feature is complete.
P2 - If this feature is near completion, we will hold the release for it.
P3 - We will not hold the release for this feature but will consider it for inclusion depending on its status and quality.
PX - We will bump this feature early and/or may not direct developer time towards it.
P? - Priority to be determined.
Items in strikeout have been fixed since this document was written.


The following developers will work on these Camino 2.1 bugs and features:

  • dan: completing the autocomplete rewrite
  • hendy: Places backend, about:config, UTF-8 and unit testing

The following developers have no assigned features at the moment but may be available to work on individual bugs or smaller projects:

  • ardissone
  • cl

The following developers will be otherwise occupied for most of the 2.1 cycle:

  • pinkerton
  • mento
  • smorgan

Status unknown:

  • batwood
  • ilya
  • jeff
  • kreeger
  • murph
  • peeja