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Camino 1.5 l10n Status

Localization Release Notes Readme Application Nibtool Issues? Verified default browser dialog button? Ready to Ship?
(Marcello has all
files and sign-off)
cs Y Y 1.5rc Y 28 May ML
da In progr. In progr. 1.5rc In progr. Y
de-DE Y Y 1.5rc Y; worked around Y 28 May ML
en-GB n/a n/a 1.5rc Y but fixed n/a 28 May ML
es Y Y 1.5rc Y Y 28 May ML
fr Y Y 1.5rc ? Y 28 May ML
hr In progr. Y 1.5rc ? Y
hu In progr. In progr. In progr.
it Y Y 1.1b N Y 28 May ML
jp Y Y 1.5rc Y 28 May ML
lt Probably won't make it
nl Y Y 1.5rc 2 odd strings on 10.4.9 PPC Y 28 May ML
no Y Y 1.5rc No, but a couple of strings missing (fixed) Y
pl Y Y 1.5rc N Y 28 May ML
pt-BR Y Y 1.5rc Yes but fixed now Y 28 May ML
ru Y Y 1.5rc N Y 28 May ML
sk Y Y 1.5rc had AD issues; fixed Y 28 May ML
sv Y Y 1.5rc N Y 28 May ML
th Untouched since 0.8.4
Sample colors Completed/Got files In progress or At-risk Problems Completed/waiting for files