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  • The Release Notes are found on Bug 690661 (attachment 567356)
  • The Readme is unchanged from Camino 1.6; this should only be a concern for localizations that did not ship in 1.6.x or 2.0.x.
  • The Software Update Description can be found on Bug 690662 (attachment 567357)
  • For localizations that did not ship in 1.6.x/2.0.x, verify that FindBar/FindBarTextured nibs work properly
  • All localizations need to pass QA on new features.

Camino 2.1 l10n Status

Localization Release Notes Readme Application FindBar (10.4) / FindBarTextured (10.5) nibs Software Update Description Ready to Ship?
(Marcello has all files and sign-off)
ca Last appeared in 1.6.11
cs Last appeared in 1.6.11
da n/a n/a
de-CH Last appeared in 1.0.6
de-DE n/a n/a
en-GB Wasn't in 1.6
es n/a n/a
fr n/a n/a
hr Wasn't in 1.6, but some work was done for 1.5
hu Wasn't in 1.6, but some work was done for 1.5
it n/a n/a
ja n/a n/a
kr Last appeared in 1.0.6
lt Last appeared in 1.0.6
nl n/a n/a
no n/a n/a
pl n/a n/a
pt-BR Last appeared in 1.6.11
pt-PT Last appeared in 1.0.6
ru n/a n/a
sl n/a n/a
sk Wasn't in 1.6
sv n/a n/a
tr n/a
th Untouched since 0.8.4
zh-CN n/a n/a
zh-TW Last appeared in 0.8.5
Sample colors Completed/Got files In progress At-risk Problems Completed/waiting for files No recent activity