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These are the “running” or incremental release notes for Camino 1.6 (✈), i.e., the interesting bug-fixes since the last major release (e.g., 1.5) or milestone (e.g., Camino 1.6 Alpha 1). The actual release notes for major releases, milestones, or security releases can be found on the corresponding Releases:Ver:Notes page, e.g., Releases:1.6b1:Notes.

(Note that not all checkins are considered interesting; in particular, fixes for regressions that only occur between milestones, code cleanup, or build changes are not included in release notes.)
There are several pages that track "major" changes on the FF2.0 branch. These could be very handy for when we want to create our release notes. What's new in Bon Echo Alpha 3 (for Firefox 2).

These running release notes (and the milestone release notes that are developed from them) form the "complete" changelog on the website (1.0, 1.5); the release notes for the final 1.6 release are a summary or short-form and can be found at Releases:1.6:Notes.

Release Notes for Camino 1.6b4 are at Releases:1.6b4:Notes (Release Notes for Camino 1.6b3 are at Releases:1.6b3:Notes, notes for Camino 1.6b2 are at Releases:1.6b2:Notes, notes for Camino 1.6b1 are at Releases:1.6b1:Notes, and notes for Camino 1.6a1 are at Releases:1.6a1:Notes).

These notes are for checkins after the release of Camino 1.6b4.


  • Safari now appears in the list of available feed readers on Mac OS X 10.4 and above.
  • Opening a history item from the recent pages at the top of the History menu in a new tab or window by holding down the Command key works again.
  • Camino now supports multi-touch gestures for back, forward, page up, and page down.
  • The Camino disk image no longer has scrollbars on Mac OS X 10.5 when the Finder’s path bar is enabled.





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