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Running log of bugs reported in the forum thread and known issues (bugs in italics are Camino bugs filed to address a problem):

Missing patches that landed on 1.9.0

  • Bug 425958 - Content area flashes grey when opening new blank tabs (1.9.0, 1.9.3)
  • Bug 459744 - Javascript can consume all keystrokes in content area, including tab and app menu shortcuts (1.9.0; Camino-only work-around; josh won't take patch elsewhere; major)
  • Bug 453222 - nsCocoaWindow_NSWindow_sendEvent: changes exception behavior in code having nothing to do with core (1.9.0, waiting for others; crashes) - code is gone on 1.9.2
  • Bug 496582 - nsCocoaWindow_NSWindow_sendEvent should not assume |self| will remain valid (1.9.0, waiting for others; crashes) - code is gone on 1.9.2
  • Bug 379199 - Key events (delete/backspace, escape, etc.) aren't propagated up the view hierarchy (1.9.0; Camino-only work-around; unclear if it will be accepted elsewhere)
  • Bug 495620, Bug 523051 - about:license (MAAttachedWindow, Breakpad and Growl updates; Initial Developers)

Possible focus-related bugs

  • Bug 563321 - Following a link from an external app doesn't always focus the window/content - e.g can't page down/up, can't tab to links and/or form controls (the focus is 'somewhere' or nowhere). Clicking in the page - but not browser chrome - restores functionality. This happens when the link is opened in the foreground from any app
    • Another loss of focus: Cmd-shift click a link to open it in a new foreground-tab (also opening view-source with camino.viewsource_in_tab set to true).
  • Flash on earlier. (I have Flashblock enabled but whitelisted for that site.) The Flash was unresponsive to clicks when switching to the page from another tab. Clicking on the non-Flash portions of the page would restore focus to the content, after which the Flash became responsive.
  • Can't drag-and-drop text within text fields (reproducible: sometimes)
  • Two-fingered scrolling latches on to one widget, e.g. if scrolling a <textarea>, can't switch to scrolling page when reach end of <textarea>; likewise, if scrolling a page and <textarea> comes into view, <textarea> won't scroll when cursor is over it.
  • XUL content pages (config, netError, safebrowsingblocked) eat the command and option keys and do funny things with arrow-key presses (trying to switch tabs instead moves focus to location bar or previous checkbox/button)

Other bugs

Core bugs

  • Bug 552596 - Can't set integer prefs - Bug 383009 broke this; hack-around possible, but old XPFE code had this feature and was embedding-friendly
  • Bug 552028 - needs to switch to toolkit.jar (build bug, but file lives in Core) - landed
  • Bug 546902 - IdleTimerVector/PoolCleaner (Bug 509130) appears not to be fixed for embedding; Bug 533001 seems to fix this - waiting on branch approval
  • JEP won't fall back to 32-bit Java 1.6 when 64-bit Java 1.6 is default on 10.6
  • Updater Bug 553438 and xpinstall Bug 553436 in-app chrome is packaged regardless of whether updater or xpinstall are on or off
  • Bug 549555 - [10.6] "New TextEdit Window Containing Selection" Services Menu item produces a TextEdit error message

Camino bugs

  • Bug 547337 - No FAYT
  • Bug 546173 - Disabling crashreporter disables about:crashes; we need to make our own About Module for about:crashes - not needed at this time
  • Bug 552236 - History is not preserved across sessions - landed
  • Bug 546853 + Bug 546854 - Setting the Download Folder in Preferences doesn't stick (Bug 454242 probably broke this) - landed
  • Bug 548477 - I notice three-finger swiping to navigate between current and previous pages is busted on my MBP - bug 412486 comment 46 for changes needed
  • Bug 548482 - "source" AppleScript command inserts spurious linebreaks (send data to TextEdit; ScriptEditor also inserts breaks all over, otherwise)
  • Bug 548476 - Some regressions related to the autocomplete window automatically appearing - landed
  • Bug 563094 - When pasting a (or editing an existing) URL and hitting return, Camino appears to load the last-autocompleted URL, or first result, instead
  • Bug 547304 - “Allow Flash From This Site” CM missing (worked through 1.9.1) - landed
  • Bug 548483 - Clicking on links in view-source opens the linked resource on top of the existing one, and there's no back (cmd-click works, but makes the chrome window situation a bit odd if you have v-s in window enabled)
  • Bug 156552 - Hook up the "Work Offline" menu item and fix netError.dtd and appstrings_properties.strings to use relevant language - landed
  • Bug 547485 - Listen for Gecko auto-off/online notifications and update Work Offline/Go Online menu title
  • Bug 548485 - Stand-alone SVG documents no longer Tabsposé ([1], [2]); see Bug 461927 where we last fixed this. Other XML documents seem fine, as does embedded SVG.
  • Bug 549052 - Content-Zoomed-In stand-alone MathML document thumbnails strangely
  • Bug 548486 - about:config context menu doesn't work
  • Extend the fix for Bug 474610 to report our own changeset; depends on Core Bug 549958 - haspatch
    • Also make sure we stick our changeset into about:buildconfig

Not really new bugs

  • Bug 405708 - Hook up clearing the offline cache offline cache never stores data; see below
  • Hook up UI for dealing with saved offline data (Fx Prefs:Advanced:Network) and prompting/figure out why offline cache doesn't seem to work (Bug 529918)
  • No progress when downloading - this is apparently the thing I see randomly every now and then, except it became persistent in this build