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This page lists out sections of the website and their content for Camino 1.1.

Major Sections

The following are major sections that are to be linked to from the main page of (with the exception of the Documentation section).

  • Home is the front page and will give general information about Camino as well as link to download pages.
  • Features is a feature overview page. This page will give information about new features in Camino 1.1 as well as a general feature overview. In addition, it will be heavy on screenshots and include links to screencasts within the "Features" section.
  • Contribute is a general page that points out to various ways to contribute to Camino. These include promoting Camino (now at /community/promotion/) and developing for Camino. We'll also link to PimpMyCamino here.
  • Blog is a general Camino blog.
  • Help is a portal, of sorts, that links to the various ways to get help. These include the forum, the mailing list, the support newsgroup, and, of course, our documentation.
  • Documentation is an unlisted section, but is linked to from the Help page. It contains documentation for Camino 1.1.

Minor Sections

In addition to the above, the following minor sections exist that are linked to in various places.

  • Search is a simple page that gives an easy way to search the site.
  • Contact links to various forms of contact methods.
  • Press gives points of press contact for the Camino Project as well as press releases and press graphics.
  • Releases is a section that simply contains release notes for various releases. The relnotes are always directly linked to.
  • Legal is for our trademark, EULA, and legal statements.
  • Footer is just what information needs to be included in the footer.
  • Migrating from Safari and Migrating from Firefox will be linked to in a bar shown to visitors using those browsers.

Help/Support Breakout

  • Help - redirect questions to documentation or the forum