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Instead of having to go through all of cb.o/support and finding what needs to be changed (ugh), this page will be an on-going list of changes that need to be made due to checkins since 1.5.

Hidden Prefs


  • browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground - set to true to make SWM tabs load in bg (default is false)
  • user defaults: "Hide Status Bar" to YES to hide status bar, but can't use bottom scroll arrow
  • browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing, true (UI removed)
  • camino.enable_plugins, true (UI removed; will take effect on new window once it's changed)



  • plugin-disabling UI removed (plus the note in the Flashblock bit)



  • Need to explain how to add a folder (menu/shortcut or manager button, [1])
  • Need to cross-reference tab groups info [2]
    • Tech News
  • Shortcut (camino)

Privacy & Security

done - needs new prefs screenshot

  • Cookie exceptions scope expansion
  • Keychain exceptions editing


done - needs new FAYT image, maybe Find bar image

  • Find bar
  • Search Engine Editor and OpenSearch (moved to search)



  • Dragging from dl manager

Tabbed Browsing

done - needs screenshot

  • Scrolling tabs
    • overflow menu
    • Opt-click arrows
    • mousewheel



  • audit plugin versions
  • default browser prompting


done - could use some screenshots (toolbar search field explanation)

  • Search Engine Editor and OpenSearch

Search Plug-ins

Keyboard Shortcuts


  • Sheet shortcuts:
    • Save in Keychain “Don’t Save” Cmd-D , Esc
    • Save in Keychain “ever Save for this Website” Cmd-N
  • Search the Web - Cmd-Opt-F
  • Fill Form - Cmd-Shift-F
  • Opt-click tab scrolling by window

General changes & FAQ


  • Disable spell-check
    • new per-field option
  • Change spell-check language
    • CM sub-menu on 10.5
  • Mention web-based feed readers
  • SWupdate
  • Bug 416627 - camino in my lang update
  • remove QT faq, since QT no longer supports flash