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Instead of having to go through all of cb.o/support and finding what needs to be changed (ugh), this page will be an on-going list of changes that need to be made due to checkins since 1.6.

Hidden Prefs

  • Switch to using about:config for Gecko-style prefs (except accept-lang override) - Bug 515807
  • gfx.color_management.enabled (requires restart, poor perf, no CM with Flash < 10)
  • Switch mouse zoom from text size to full content zoom (this isn't anywhere, and is problematic to document on /shortcuts/ because of the menu toggle, and it conflicts with the OS by default, anyway)
  • AA all text, regardless of OS setting (gfx.use_text_smoothing_setting; requires restart)
  • inline autocomplete hidden pref switched from NSUserDefaults to browser.urlbar.autoFill
  • camino.use_aqua_selects (default true; set to false to honor author styles)
  • FocusDownloads to false
  • don't show dl window: to false
  • Breakpad defaults:
    • BreakpadSendAndExit -string NO (show Apple crash UI also) (done, on stage)


  • Flashblock whitelist
  • Need replacement for hostperm.1 instructions (hidden for now) (done on stage)


  • Put some sort of link to "finding bookmarks" which lives in Find (or vice versa)
  • Middle-click?
  • Export Fx bookmarks to HTML first
  • Alternates for Bookmarking ([1]) (done, on stage)

Privacy & Security

  • Explain the new security exceptions model and error pages
  • Explain cert import
  • Mention software update as a way to keep yourself secure
  • Brief sb description (at #safebrowsing), ending in a line "For more information on this phishing, malware, and this feature, see the Documentation." and link to docs/security/safebrowsing/ (done, on stage) (done) (done) (done)

  • form on docs/security/safebrowsing/ to get users to the Google diagnostic for malware sites (enh)

Find (done, on stage)


  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Needs updated toolbar icons to match new toolbar icons (done, on stage)

Tabbed Browsing

  • Rearranging Tabs
  • Seeing all tabs in the current window (tabsposé) (done, on stage)


  • QT 7.6
  • F4M or newer
  • Shockwave 11.0r470 or newer
  • Flash 10.0 or newer
  • PDFBP 2.3.2 or newer - Bug 506928
  • Real 11 (need to check it out first; bad news) (done on stage)


Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Delete as back is broken or not
  • Zoom and Text Size have switched; alternates plus toggle
  • Cmd-Ctrl-T for Tab Overview (Window)
  • Cmd-DownArrow for opening selected files in the Downloads window
  • Cmd-A to select all files in the Downloads window (done on stage)


  • Remove the Text Encoding FAQ (I think this is fixed on trunk)
  • Remove Norwegian FAQ (10.3 only)
  • Remove 1.6 10.6 Java FAQ
  • Replace Talkback FAQ with a new Breakpad FAQ
  • Mention AppleScript (and link to wiki), because you can only find AS mentions in features and relnotes (when there are new AS changes)
  • Mention Recently closed pages somewhere
  • Mention content zoom somewhere (customizing?) (done, in stage)

General changes

  • Stop linking to the mailing list (done, on stage) (done, on stage) (done, on stage)

  • Camino 2.0 will be released under the MPL instead of the EULA - Bug 522757 (done, on stage) (done, on stage)


  • Fx3 data formats for bookmarks (history?)
  • CamiNoScript
  • CookieThief 1.1 required (done, on stage) (done, on stage)


  • look for "Mozilla caught an objc exception" in Console.log for nsObjCExceptionLogAbort crash stacks no longer fatal
  • Need to rewrite crash (and hang?) instructions for Breakpad (done, on stage)

Other website changes for 2.0

  • ss Update the main page screenshot and CSS feature call-out
  • ss Update /features/ for new features
  • /releases/ Copy the folder for the previous major release (e.g., 1.5 for the 1.6 release) in /releases/
    Find/replace 1.5 with 1.6, and 1.0 with 1.5
    Update the release date in the box
    update download/releases/2.0/ & /2.0-ML/ if this changes
    Update the ML languages
    update download/releases/2.0/ & /2.0-ML/ if this changes
    Note that getting these pages from the wiki into Coda (and into decent HTML) requires some manipulation
    Be sure to preserve any class or id attributes from the previous version when pasting in the new information.
    • Update the /releases/ page for the previous version (e.g., 1.6.10 for the 2.0 release) using the steps from #1.5.4 release
      If the new version drops support for a Mac OS X major version, copy the text from 1.0.6 to the page for last version of the old version and adapt for the current state (see text samples from #1.5.4 release)
  • ss /press/
    • Add new screenshots
    • Add the new press release
  • /downloads/
    • Do the Download, Downloads Old, and Download Releases steps from the #1.5.4 release information
    • Make downloads/releases/nightly/ point to the "latest-" folder for the active development branch
  • /contribute/
    • Hide the "Preview" box
  • /js/ - ua-detection
    • Set the latestRelease to 2.0
    • Set the latestPreRelease and associated variables to 2.1a1
    • Add the last beta to oldPreRelease
    • Add one6Release and one6xReleases variables and messages, and update the versions/OS versions, when new release series drops OS support
      • Before 1.6.10 is declared EOL, remove the "not supported" sentence from 'messageOne6Release'
      • When 10.4 support is being dropper, rewrite the JS to parse OS version, and send different messages to 10.4 2.x users and 10.5± 2.x users
    • Remove 1.6 releases from 'oldRelease' (this may clear the entire 'oldRelease' array)
    • Add 'if statements' for new one6Release and one6xReleases near the bottom
    • Comment out the active messageOldPreRelease and un-comment the other
    • Watch out for typos!
  • System requirements boxes
    • On home and /features/, update the system requirements and version number
  • Staging the release
    For the most part, follow the Major/Minor release
    • QA the RC and the ML build
    • sGet the builds in bouncer
    • Stage the software update definition and update descriptions for each language
    • disable/redirect the preview site to the main page
    • Stage the binaries
    • ss Push stage to live