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This interview was conducted by Ludovic Hirlimann on irc in the fall of 2006, but it was never published previously

Camino Interview #8 : Aaron Schulman

Ludovic Hirlimann: Could you introduce yourself ? (age, name, irc handle, email handle, occupation in life)

Aaron Schulman: I am Aaron Schulman, I am 21 years old and I live in College Park Maryland. I am a Senior majoring in Computer Science at the University of Maryland and a Research Assistant at the National Defense University. I am aschulm in #camino and my email is

LH: thanks

LH: How long have you been using Macs ? How long have you been aware of the Camino project ?

AS: I sold my Dell Laptop three years ago and bought my first mac, a 12" Powerbook. Camino was brought into my life when it was mentioned on an episode of the Podcast: Diggnation during the release of version 1.0.

LH: When did you join the devs ? Why ? Was it difficult to join ?

AS: In a software design course I took in Spring 2006, I had the option of working on an Open Source project. Recently, I had switched to Camino as my primary browser and I saw it as an excellent candidate for the project. I hopped onto #camino and found a friendly group that was excited about my desire to work on the project.

LH: What are the areas you fiddle with ?

AS: Mostly Tabs

LH: What is your development setup ?

AS: 24" widescreen monitor connected to a Macbook.

LH: Do you participate in any other projects ?

AS: Camino is the only open source project I am currently working on. After I graduate and gain some free time I hope to join a project focused in the area of computer security.

LH: Thank you for your time. Anything you would like to ask ?

AS: Ask or add?

LH: Add

LH: sorry

AS: Working on Camino has been a great introduction into the Open Source community. And I will tell you, there are few feelings that rival the excitement of seeing your patch committed into the project's source.

LH: Thanks a lot

AS: No Problemo