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This document is a look at where Camino is headed for its next three major releases as well as security releases on the current branch. It also outlines what branches Camino uses/will use.

Camino 0.8.5

Yes, we're still not done. Camino 0.8.5 will be released just after Mozilla 1.7.13 and Firefox 1.0.8 are released. It will be the final security/stability release of Camino off the MOZILLA_1_7_BRANCH as well as the final version for Mac OS X 10.1.

Tracking bug is bug 328185

Camino 1.0

Camino 1.0 is based on the MOZILLA_1_8_0_BRANCH, however, a new branch was created for it prior to release to land Camino-specific changes that weren't able to land on the mozilla branch. The final branch for Camino 1.0 is the CAMINO_1_0_BRANCH.

Camino 1.0.x

All subsequent Camino security and stability releases based on Camino 1.0 will be made off the MOZILLA_1_8_0_BRANCH. Changes allowed within the Camino module include those involving stability, security, localization, and regressions from the 0.8.x releases. No changes to Camino may break Mac OS X 10.2 support as this release will be the last to support that OS.

The current release is Camino 1.0.2, which was released June 20th.

Camino 1.1

Camino 1.1 will be made off the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH. What follows is a basic outline of where we want to go for this release, based on Sam's roadmap. Keep in mind, this is an outline and always subject to change.