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=== Camino 1.1 Related Items ===
=== Camino 1.1 Related Items ===
The release notes for 1.1 are found here:[[RealNotes_11]]
The release notes for 1.1 are found here:[[Release Notes 1.1]]
===Obsolete Items===
===Obsolete Items===

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Welcome to the new home of the Camino Documentation Wiki. We've moved from wtmcgee.com and redesigned as well as installed new wiki software.

To edit a page, simply navigate to that page and select "Edit" from the menu on the left. To add a page, simply add it to the end of the URL (removing Main_Page), i.e. http://docs.caminobrowser.org/wiki/index.php/YourTitleHere.

If you see errors on the current website (caminobrowser.org), report them on the CaminoIssues page.

Assorted “Current” Pages

  • The Roadmap documentation can be found here: Roadmap
  • An attempt to setup some ideas for the Future
  • Drafting a "tipsheet" for searching for duplicates in Bugzilla (to be added to the Bugzilla FAQ page) is taking place here.
  • Working list of “Good First Bugs” and “Good Summer Projects” is here (eventually add to cb.o?).

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Camino 1.0-Related Items

The release notes for 1.0 final are to be found here:FinalRealNotes_10

The release promotion information page for 1.0 final are to be found here:Camino10ReleasePromotion

Camino 1.1 Related Items

The release notes for 1.1 are found here:Release Notes 1.1

Obsolete Items

Currently, we have two projects: The Camino 1.0 Manual project (located at http://caminobrowser.jot.com) and the Camino 0.9 Website Documentation project (this wiki!). Please choose which one you'd like to participate (or both) and login to the appropriate site.

For more information about this project, head to Camino09Website.

Note: The old wiki is currently being added to this one for reference. As it works it's way online, it will be available under Old Wiki.

The release notes for 0.9 are now also here I moved them to:ReleaseNotes10