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Here is the Readme File that comes with the Camino .dmg file:

Camino Read Me

Official Camino project page: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/camino/ Official Camino product page: http://www.mozilla.org/products/camino/

Thank you for downloading Camino! Please take a moment to read this information to find out about what’s new in Camino, and to learn about known issues.

Camino is still under development. It is stable enough to use day-to-day, but you may still encounter bugs. You should always keep backup copies of important data that you use with Camino (e.g. your bookmarks file).


To install Camino, simply drag the Camino icon onto your hard disk. We recommend that you copy it to the Applications folder. You can then Eject this disk image. If you like, you can drag Camino from its location on your hard drive to your dock to have it easily accessible at all times. You might also wish to select Camino as your default browser in the Internet system preferences pane (under the Web tab). [Did this change in Panther?]

After installation, you may want to import bookmarks from another browser. Open Camino and choose “Import Bookmarks” from the "Camino" application menu. In the resulting file dialog, choose the bookmarks file you wish to import, and click Open. The bookmarks will be imported.

Where information is kept on disk

When you first run Camino, it makes a folder in [tilde]/Library/Application Support/ (where [tilde] is your Home directory) called “Camino” which contains your ”profile” information (bookmarks, cookies, cache etc).

There are two files in your profile that you might need to know about. First, bookmarks.plist contains your bookmarks. You might want to regularly make copies of this file if you run nightly builds. prefs.js contains most of the application preferences. Not all preferences are exposed in the preferences window yet, so you might see advice to “edit your prefs file”. To do that, drag prefs.js onto your favorite editor, make whatever changes are necessary, and save. Make sure the file gets saved in plain text format. [Let's link this to some info on what can be done with prefs.js.]

Previous versions of Camino used a folder in [tilde]/Library/Application Support/Chimera/ for the profile. On first run, your profile will be copied to the new location and upgraded automatically. The old profile remains unchanged so you can revert to older versions of Camino if you desire. This version no longer uses the "salted" directory (with a nonsense name) inside the profile.


To get rid of all the files related to Camino, do the following:

  1. Make sure that Camino is not running
  2. Hold the control key and click on the Camino icon in the dock
  3. Select "Show in Finder"
  4. Drag the Camino icon from the Finder window to the trash
  5. Drag the Camino icon off the dock
  6. [Optional] Drag the [tilde]/Library/Application Support/Camino folder to the trash

Changes, and known issues, in this version

See the accompanying “Release Notes” file for information about what has changed in this version of Camino, and a list of the known issues.

More information, and feedback

To find out more about Camino, see the project page at:


(or do we want to direct people to the product page?? or to wherever what's now the beta site ends up?)

This page contains information about how to give feedback on Camino, has links that allow you to query for known bugs, see what’s going on with current development, and about how to build it yourself from source.