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Camino Roadmap (The Road Ahead)

After every official "point" release, we plan what to add or improve in the next release. Every developer gets to assign him/herself to bugs or a project they wish to complete before the new release. These decisions are made public through the roadmap document.

Roadmap to Camino 0.9 and 1.0

This document lays out the direction and guidelines for our drive to releasing versions 0.9 and 1.0 of Camino. We would like Camino 0.9 to be essentially feature-complete, so that for 1.0 we can focus on stability and polish.

Please Note: Camino 0.8.x is the last release of Camino that will be maintained for OS X v10.1.x.

Goals for Camino 0.9

  • Implement new tab interface
  • Overhaul preferences system
  • Rewrite keychain implementation
  • Implement form autofill
  • Implement spell checking in forms
  • Further improvements to download manager
  • Event system overhaul for better flash performance and reduced CPU load
  • Better searching of bookmarks, including history (largely done)
  • Complete implementation of all major features.

Goals for Camino 1.0

  • Polished, stable, final release
  • If possible, move from QuickDraw to Quartz display of Gecko-rendered HTML

Specific Plans

There are also a lot of smaller features that we want to add for 0.9:

  • Ability to keep the tab bar open even with just one tab visible
  • Improved keychain support on pages with iframes
  • Make it easier to clear cookies and cache (done)
  • Better indication of when a site is secure
  • Ability to set Camino as the default browser
  • Fix about:plugins and about:config
  • History in the Go menu

View all bugs targeted for Camino 0.9.

Tentative schedule

As Camino development is bug-driven rather than deadline-driven, we will not be able to project milestone dates more than a few months in advance. If you would like to speed the release of the next version of Camino, we encourage you to join the Camino development effort.

Given the amount of work we have to do, we do not expect a release of Camino 0.9 until at least Q2 of 2005. That said, nightly builds are usable for most day to day surfing and show much promise.


Q. Why not just release now? A. While the nightly builds are reasonably fast and stable for daily usage, there are some regressions (rendering and performance) and several new features lack polish. The nightly builds also haven't had any rigorous QA testing. Releasing any old nightly wouldn't fit with the goals above. Believe us when we say we've still got some work to do to make it ready for public consumption.

Q. Why doesn't Camino 0.8.2 have the new tabs? A. Camino 0.8.2 is built from the MOZILLA_1_7_BRANCH, a very stable CVS branch that allows us to deliver incremental bugfixes to Camino 0.8. This branch still runs on Mac OS X 10.1, which was a requirement for Camino 0.8. The nightly builds, which contain the new tabs, are built off the CVS trunk and can be unstable (see above). Backporting the tabs from the trunk to the 1.7 branch would be very time consuming and error prone. It is simply too large of a change to safely land on the stable branch.

Q. How can I get involved? A. Take a look at our developer and contributor documentation for ways you can help out, or join the mailing list or stop by the #camino irc channel on irc.mozilla.org to become more familiar with the project.

Goals, with assignments

(I think this is useful information, but not as much for the public-facing page).

  • Implement new tab interface (geoff, 80% complete)
  • Overhaul preferences system (josh, several patches landed)
  • Rewrite keychain implementation (josh, just starting)
  • Implement form autofill (pinkerton, requirements gathering)
  • Implement spell checking in forms (??)
  • Further improvements to download manager (josh)
  • Event system overhaul for better flash perf and reduced CPU (sfraser, patch landed)
  • Better bookmark searching, including history (sfraser, largely done)
  • Complete implementation of all major features.