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We need to collect some tips to aid users and new QA team members in searching for duplicates in Bugzilla (rather than filing new bugs that we have to dupe); this is a fairly common request in the forum and occasionally from filers of duped bugs. Some of these tips will probably end up on the cb.o Bugzilla FAQ (once we get a good set of tips from our core QA team), but the more advanced tips might be reserved for a QA page/subsection of cb.o/development.


  1. Break your bug/issue into its key components and search the summary field for the key term(s) in each component, as well as possible alternate words for the term.
    • E.g., for a bug you would file with the summary "Saving files should use a sheet, not a window":
      • Key terms: save, sheet, window
        Since "save" is not 'included' in "saving" (unlike "download" and "downloading", for instance), either search for the string "sav" or choose "Contains any of the words/strings" from the <select> in Bugzilla
      • Alternate words: dialog, download
        "download" is not really an alternate term in this specific case, but in most cases, "save" and "download" are alternates
  2. Search for open bugs (Unconfirmed, New, Assigned, Reopened) as well as for bugs verified/closed Duplicate and Wontfix
    • The default query in Bugzilla will search for open bugs and those verified/closed as Duplicate, but not for Wontfix bugs
      • Cmd-click on Wontfix in the Resolution select to add that to your query, or run a second query just for Wontfix bugs
    • Searching for Wontfix bugs is very important for anything that might remotely be considered an "enhancement" bug, since many of these bugs get Wontfixed.
  3. If your bug involves something not fairly common (e.g., proxies, FileVault), try searching for those terms in the "Comment" field if a search of the "Summary" field has not turned up any likely bugs.
  4. Anything related to the content area (the display of web pages themselves, and the actual process of printing) is likely a bug that is (or should be) filed in the "Core" product in Bugzilla.
    • Be sure to search the "Core" product as well as "Camino" for these types of bugs (or enhancements); you might also search "Firefox" and "Mozilla Application Suite" products as well, as their triage efforts are understaffed and bugs may not be moved to the "Core" product yet.
    • Exceptions to the "Core" bug 'rule':
      • Bugs related to HTML form "widgets" are more likely Camino-only bugs, since Camino is the only program currently using "Cocoa widgets"
      • Turn off Camino's ad-blocking (as well as any image or script blocking in hostperm.1), and turn on JavaScript before filing bugs about the layout of a web page
  5. Check the "recent hot bugs" for Camino for your bug/issue and/or the RSS feed for Camino bugs filed in the last 30 days.
    • By subscribing to that feed, you will make your life a lot easier, because you'll be able to see common bugs as they're filed and you won't have to come here asking "Hey, does anyone know about this yet?"

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