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Contains information on Camino's quality assurance procedures, including triaging bugs and testing the Camino application itself.

Bug Triage

QA:Triage Policies and Procedures explains how the triage team goes about its daily work and how it interacts with the larger triage community. This page also explains how to get started with the Camino Bug Triage team.

QA:AppleEvent Logging
QA:Crash Reporting and Analysis
QA:Resymbolized Frames
QA:1Password Versions

QA:Tools list applications we have written that are useful for QA/troubleshooting.

QA:Bugzilla:Searching For Dupes contains information on how to search Bugzilla for duplicates prior to filing. This information will join the Bugzilla FAQ bug exists here for previewing and discussion.

Note that the Bugzilla FAQ on cb.o will exist primarily for end-users (and for triage team members to point end-user to for instructions, etc.) Some of the information developed in this document, however, is intended primarily for triage team members and will likely end up elsewhere (not /support/) on cb.o

QA:Keywords & Status Whiteboard explains some of the commonly-used keywords and status whiteboard entries.

QA:Hardware Configurations is a mostly-complete list of hardware available to each QA or developer, useful when seeking patch testing or triage in a certain configuration.

QA:Bugzilla:FAQ contains the most recent version of our Bugzilla FAQ. This wikified version is the pre-cb.o version to allow discussion of the proposed changes. (See Talk:QA:Bugzilla:FAQ for some initial thoughts on things to add.)

Release Testing

QA:Release Testing describes the smoketests that should be performed on release candidate builds to make sure everything is functional before releasing (coming soon).

QA:Release Testing:l10n describes the smoketests that should be performed on l10n candidate builds to make sure everything is functional before releasing (coming soon).


QA:Camino 2.1.x and Java provides information on installing a Java plug-in to enable the use of Java with Camino 2.1.

QA:Camino 2.1.x and Flash provides information on Flash security vulnerability mitigation features in Camino 2.1.

QA:Camino 1.6.x, Mac OS X 10.6, and Java provides information on the incompatibilities between Java on Mac OS X 10.6 and Camino 1.6.x and provides instructions for users who need to re-enable Java.

QA:Testing a Problem in an Old Version contains instructions for users who need to check something in an older version of Camino.

QA:Creating a New Profile and Salvaging Files from Your Old Profile contains instructions for users who need to create a new profile on a permanent basis and try to salvage personal data from an old, corrupt profile.

QA:Crash Reporters provides screenshots of various crash reporters users may encounter.

QA:Mac 101 lists answers to common questions that really shouldn't have to be answered by Camino support/QA but nonetheless are asked too often.... Add your good "stock answers" here.

QA:Incompatibilities with Third-Party Software provides information about incompatibilities with third-party software that are outside the control of the Camino team.

QA:Damaged Bookmarks provides instructions on reporting data from bookmarks corruption logging.

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