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These are the “running” or incremental release notes for Camino 1.5 (☃), i.e., the interesting bug-fixes since the last major release (e.g., 1.0) or milestone (e.g., Camino 1.1 Alpha 2). The actual release notes for major releases, milestones, or security releases can be found on the corresponding Releases:Ver:Notes page, e.g., Releases:1.1b:Notes.

(Note that not all checkins are considered interesting; in particular, fixes for regressions that only occur between milestones, code cleanup, or build changes are not included in release notes.)
There are several pages that track "major" changes on the FF2.0 branch. These could be very handy for when we want to create our release notes. What's new in Bon Echo Alpha 3 (for Firefox 2).

These running release notes (and the milestone release notes that are developed from them) form the "complete" changelog on the website; the release notes for the final 1.5 release are a summary or short-form and can be found at Releases:1.5:Notes.

Release Notes for Camino 1.1b are at Releases:1.1b:Notes (Release Notes for Camino 1.1a2 are at Releases:1.1a2:Notes and notes for Camino 1.1a1 are at Releases:1.1a1:Notes).

These notes are for checkins after the release of Camino 1.1b.


  • The warning that appears when attempting to launch a copy of Camino while another copy is already running will now close properly.
  • Built-in keyboard shortcuts for certain functions (e.g. for Bookmark Bar items) will no longer override menu shortcuts chosen by users.
  • Pages are no longer truncated when navigating back to them from a page which showed the pop-up blocker.
  • Images dragged from the Desktop to a Camino window will now display properly.
  • Camino no longer remembers the size and position of the view source window as the default size and position for new browser windows.
  • On Mac OS X 10.3.9, Script Editor will no longer complain that it cannot open Camino’s AppleScript dictionary, and all AppleScripts that interact with Camino will work just as they do on Mac OS X 10.4.


  • Command-key shortcuts for bookmarks in the Bookmark Bar no longer triggered when modifier keys are also held down.
  • The “Use as Dock Menu” context menu item is now disabled when the History collection is selected.
  • When bookmarking a page or a set of pages, pages with data: or javascript: URLs will no longer be bookmarked.
  • When importing bookmarks from Firefox, Camino will use the profile that was changed most recently if there are multiple profiles.


  • Files listed in the Downloads window can now be emptied from the Trash.


  • The license agreement that appears when the disk image is mounted will now appear in the language of the system, if available.


  • The date displayed in the “Show Cookies…” sheet now respects the system date preferences more accurately.

Privacy & Security

  • Updating a Keychain item with new information will now properly update the existing item instead of sometimes creating a second item.
  • Camino now stores and accesses different credentials (in the Keychain) for different http Auth realms on the same host.
  • Usernames saved in the Keychain are now treated in a case-insensitive manner.
  • When accessing a Keychain item created by Safari, Camino no longer alters the item so that Safari cannot read it, and if Camino accesses an altered item again, it will restore Safari's ability to access that item.
  • The list of sites for which Camino will never save a password is now a .plist file instead of a binary file.
  • Showing “Installed Plug-ins” will no longer cause some security warning preferences to be reset.
  • When Camino asks to read the Keychain for a certain site, choosing “Deny” now functions properly.


  • Quitting while saved pages are being restored no longer forgets those that are in the process of loading.
  • Pages will now be restored properly after a crash.
  • Open pages are now remembered more frequently in case Camino quits unexpectedly.
  • Clicking a link from an external application which is already open in Camino will now show the existing tab or window and reload it.
  • When a link from an external application launches Camino and there are saved pages to be restored, the link will now respect the “Links opened by other applications” preference.

User Interface

  • Pressing the Esc key in the location bar of a blank page no longer displays “about:blank.”

Web Page Interaction

  • Further improved ad-blocking.
  • Adding a site to the Pop-up Exceptions List now works properly for Flash-based pop-ups.
  • The list of pop-up windows that can be displayed for a given page is now cleared properly.
  • Modifier keys now generate key events.