Status Meetings:2007-01-31

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This is an overall summary of the meeting we had. If you see any issues with it, feel free to edit the page (and note where in the log you're citing from).


ardissone, froodian, jcraig, kreeger, mento, murph, pinkerton, smorgan, ss

Executive Summary

  • 1.1a2 still getting good reviews (Googlers using it and loving it, low Talkback, Om sent pink a great note [@12:24])
    • pink: need to get more people using the branch (from 1.0.x) to see how great we're doing
    • ardissone: also for Talkback/bug shake-out purposes
  • 1.1b1 set for l10n freeze/spinning on 2-15 (two weeks) and release Tues after that
    • only 6-8 l10n-impacting bugs left
    • kqueue getting closer
    • pink out-of-town 2-10 to 2-17
  • Tinderboxen
    • mento thinks part of pawn's prob is a leak in a long-running process (swap eats up all disk)
    • while flying with mento, preed agreed to give us a dedicated xserve and space on a shared one
  • Bugs
    • still have some nasty Core bugs we need to try and work on
    • Bug 295755 - Flashblock
      • we'll take this for 1.1
      • mento prefers landing flashblock src in cvs and using makefile to build the jar; he'll do that work if ardissone keeps on him
    • Bug 248160 - [l10n] Translate chrome strings on the fly
      • it's really too late for us to take this (given # of new strings + branch issues), but if the code has branch approval by the time 1.1 ships, we'd like it for 1.2
    • Bug 343937 - Default "unblock popup" behavior should not include adding site to Exceptions List
      • Mockups: 1, 2 3, 3 (tooltips showing)
      • We'll use Mockup 3
      • There was much discussion about how white/blacklisting should work and whether we can bend the Core code to act like we want: whitelisting will allow any popups triggered by, even if they are served by, and not show the bar; blacklisting would similarly disallow those and not show the bar; smorgan will investigate