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* Camino 1.6
* Camino 1.6
** Released four Thursdays ago
** Released four Thursdays ago
** [http://talkback-public.mozilla.org/reports/camino/CM16/index.html Talkback] ([http://talkback-public.mozilla.org/search/start.jsp?search=1&searchby=stacksig&match=contains&searchfor=&vendor=MozillaOrg&product=Camino16&platform=MacOSX&buildid=2008040911&sdate=&stime=&edate=&etime=&sortby=stack&rlimit=500 all 1.6 crashes]—497 so far)
** [http://talkback-public.mozilla.org/reports/camino/CM16/index.html Talkback] ([http://talkback-public.mozilla.org/search/start.jsp?search=1&searchby=stacksig&match=contains&searchfor=&vendor=MozillaOrg&product=Camino16&platform=MacOSX&buildid=2008040911&sdate=&stime=&edate=&etime=&sortby=stack&rlimit=500 all 1.6 crashes]—683 so far)
*** #1 is Flash
*** #1 is Flash
*** #2 is Core crash-on-quit
*** #2 is Core crash-on-quit

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Wed 14 May 9am PDT (17:00 GMT/UTC) in #camino-mtg

General Plans

  • Camino 1.6
    • Released four Thursdays ago
    • Talkback (all 1.6 crashes—683 so far)
    • Load was pretty heavy on the server, esp. on software update; working on a solution that will work for 1.6.1
    • Cleaning up stuff from the website; file bugs against Product Site if you see anything.
    • Be very careful asking people to test trunk nightlies, since they do irreversible profile damage.
  • Camino 1.6.1
    • mento spun RC Monday; please help test
    • Server load issues - Bug 431553
      • release date (and l10n deadline) blocked on getting server issues fixed
  • Camino 2.0
    • Rough scoping doc at Development:Planning:Camino 2.0
    • Stuart's started triaging the 2.0 list (3 criteria: regressions, make life better now, someone working on it)
    • Stuart has started on the regressions
    • Cocoa Widget "fixes" are making life pretty rough
    • Anti-phishing update
    • Tabsposé update
    • Tab dragging?
  • Meet-up
  • Tinderboxen
    • boxset stopped reporting to tinderbox six Thurs ago; Sam working on new mail server - Bug 425138
    • something's wrong on cb-xserve01; reboot didn't help - Bug 421031
      • this happened again last week; we got it back to 421031 levels, but not pre-421031 levels
    • no new news on binus or maya?
    • ss has replacement minis for binus (to run 10.3) and mayaTrunk; mini-binus is in the colo but not accessible(?);
    • mini-mayaTrunk on loan to Sunbird; something happened to it on last week?
    • cb-miniosx01 has Ts disabled due to paging/low installed RAM
    • we should think about setting up a testerbox to catch Core bugs breaking embedding APIs (mini-mayaTrunk alternate builds? mini-binus?)
  • Dev docs
    • Still some issues with the sample code and/or nib for the sample prefPane
      • Can someone fix cl's nib for the prefPane docs? (Bug 384800 comment 18, 19, 26)
    • Can we get a quick list of some examples in our code (mxr links) of various ways of
      • Calling private APIs
      • Writing safe code for latest-OS-only features
      Add here; we're getting more patches wanting to do these things, so even if "the" solution cannot be prescribed, examples of various situations and techniques will help
  • Weekly Bugs and Queues update
    • r queue starting to get full again

Specific bugs that need action


  • See 2.0a1? list
  • Cocoa widgets still pretty scary; there are a number of regressions we'll be stuck with
  • Security UI cleanup


  • More toolbar icons coming?

Other (if there's time)

  • xpfe cleanup
    • Bug 383085 has a patch to remove a number of xpfe directories
    • stefanh has a "build finishes, crashes on startup" MOZ_XUL_APP patch
      [4:16pm] stefanh: "<Standard8>stefanh, so, my guess is you need to implement something like http://mxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/source/suite/app/ (nsSuiteApp.cpp, application.ini, Makefile.in) somewhere in camino"
      [4:16pm] stefanh: "stefanh, when you flip the flags, the main things that'll affect you immediately are the startup code, command line handlers and possibly alerts
      [4:16pm] stefanh: stefanh, so xpfe/components/startup/ -> toolkit/components/commandlines toolkit/components/startup etc"
      [4:17pm] stefanh: ardissone|ish: feel free to play with the code :P


Camino 2.0a1

Camino 2.0