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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-02-10 15:17:04 -0500

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16:03 ardissone: goes spelunking for pink
16:05 ardissone: i guess pink is shovelling snow :(
16:06 ardissone: let's give cl a couple of minutes to land, and if he's still in a holding pattern then we'll go on ;)
16:10 ardissone: ok
16:11 ardissone: everyone open say hello to mstange :)
16:11 mstange: hi
16:11 hendy: g'day!
16:12 ardissone: well, this should be an exciting meeting!
16:13 ardissone: if you don't know, mstange has been the latest wizard extraordinaire in Widget:Cocoa for a couple years now
16:13 ardissone: Everyone open in your Caminos ;)
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16:13 ardissone: there's not a whole lot new in 2.0.1 crashes this week
16:14 ardissone: the 10.4 NativeThemeCocoa pushed Flash Betas out of the #2 spot
16:14 ardissone: and the NSApp sendEvent crashes are on the rise, too
16:15 ardissone: Armen's docshell crash pushed into the top 10
16:16 ardissone: hendy: you going to try the other thing at some point?
16:17 hendy: i don't really know what magical incantation to utter
16:17 ardissone: ok
16:17 ardissone: let's poke smorgan on that after his meeting
16:18 ardissone: on the 2.0.2 front, need to poke cl when we see him later about the Flash exceptions list patch
16:18 ardissone: that's something that's relnotable
16:19 ardissone: so it needs to be in ASAP
16:20 ardissone: smorgan said earlier that the plugin events logging was doing something weird, so he'd have to poke further at that to figure out what's (not) going on with plugin hiding
16:20 ardissone: anything else about 2.0.x?
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16:22 ardissone: moof :)
16:23 ardissone: pinkerton: we said hello to mstange and just went through the 2.0.x stuff
16:23 ardissone: nothing new on the 1.6.x stuff
16:24 ardissone: all the crashes that left comments last week were 10.3.9 users
16:24 ardissone: so hopefully more of the 10.4+ people are getting with the program :P
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16:25 ardissone: anyone have anything on 1.6.x :P
16:25 ardissone: ok, on to 2.1 stuff
16:26 ardissone: haven't heard from dan in a couple of weeks
16:26 ardissone: the perf patch is still in stuart's queue
16:26 ardissone: i poked dan about a for-checkin patch on the 10.4 colors thing
16:27 ardissone: if we don't hear from him soon, i'll land it and file a follow-up for the optional review comment thing
16:28 ardissone: hendy: you have any objections to getting the ball rolling on the History review?
16:29 hendy: i haven't had any thoughts about improvements to the code, so i guess we could put it up for review
16:29 ardissone: ok
16:30 ardissone: kreeger: would you have time to take a look at it? trying to keep smorgan clear for reviewing dan's perf patch?
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16:30 ardissone: thinks the patch is mostly code removal, but the new stuff is a little Gecko-y
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16:31 cl: oh, heh, meeting fail. I forgot about it entirely. :(
16:31 ardissone: :p
16:31 ardissone: ok, we'll shop for reviewers later and poke kreeger when he might actually be here
16:32 ardissone: if you missed the news this weekend, hendy and I got a build with 1.9.1
16:33 ardissone:
16:33 ardissone: it builds, it walks, it runs, it doesn't save history across sessions :P
16:34 ardissone: aside from a sane build system, i think that's the biggest thing we've seen so far
16:34 ardissone: mehmet's having some intermittent appshell release crash-on-quits
16:35 ardissone: but i'd guess by and large it seems not broken
16:36 ardissone: hendy's also got a 1.9.2 build with a major crasher (<img>), and also broken history
16:36 ardissone: s/broken/won't save across sessions/
16:37 ardissone: hendy: anything to add on these 1.9.x builds?
16:38 hendy: i'll spin a 1.9.2 patch later today for anyone who wants to have a play
16:38 hendy: and look into those two major issues
16:38 hendy: but i'm sanguine about our prospects
16:39 ardissone: yeah, so far things look promising
16:39 hendy: i like the fancy fonts and classy gradients
16:39 cl: especially that classy gradient you showed in that screenshot :-p
16:39 ardissone: the biggest thing i've noticed are the bugs related to the patches that only landed on 1.9.0 or 1.9.0 and 1.9.3
16:40 ardissone: which is going to be a sticking point, because the ones that affect us the worst are the ones that josh seemed least inclined to take anywhere else
16:41 smorgan: If we do a 1.9.1 release we'll probably have to mini-branch
16:41 smorgan: If such a thing is possible in the hg repo
16:41 ardissone: i don't think it is
16:41 hendy: hg branch?
16:41 ardissone: we don't control the repo, so i don't know what's allowed and not
16:42 ardissone: i have some alternative thoughts, though
16:42 smorgan: Maybe we can subvert the build system ;)
16:42 ardissone: i want to consult with my build-engineer guru
16:43 ardissone: so
16:43 ardissone: my thought here is that we try to see if the history persistence can be solved, as well as the 1.9.2 <img> crash
16:44 ardissone: and get a 1.9.2 build with wider exposure
16:44 ardissone: (e.g., mention it in the forum, too)
16:45 ardissone: because so far it seems attainable, and there's no sense doing 1.9.1 if 1.9.2 seems more or less the same degree of unbroken
16:45 ardissone: also, as josh pointed out last week or the week before, there's a better chance of getting patches there
16:47 ardissone: continue working on camino features in cvs until we have a solid 1.9.2 and a build system/repo
16:48 ardissone: (at which point we can spin up a probably-broken 1.9.3 and a 1.9.2 repo for the actual release)
16:48 ardissone: thoughts?
16:49 hendy: aren't 1.9.3 and 10.4 incompatible?
16:49 ardissone: yes
16:49 ardissone: which is why it makes no sense to focus there right now, release-wise
16:51 ardissone: (incidentally, this is the same general way that Tb and Sm did their move; comm-central didn't really build against m-c until near the end of the 3.0/2.1 release cycle)
16:52 ardissone: let me put it another way: any objection to focusing on getting a 1.9.2 available for wider testing and then, if it tests well, planning to use that as the basis of 2.1?
16:54 smorgan: Sounds good if it works :)
16:54 hendy: no objection from me
16:55 ardissone: i'd rather not keep juggling giant patches for *two* branches if possible ;)
16:55 ardissone: OK
16:55 ardissone: on the Alpha 1 front, we're still stalled on dan's perf patch and also really on the history migration
16:56 ardissone: anything else on 2.1?
16:56 pinkerton: i gotta jet folks, l8r.
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16:57 ardissone: "snow shovelling calls" ;)
16:57 cl: haha
16:57 cl: yeah, hope pink has a strong back
16:57 ardissone: phone :/
16:59 ardissone: SoC
16:59 ardissone: hendy added private browsing to the scratchpad
16:59 ardissone: i thin'
17:00 cl: "moving us to 1.9.3" :-p
17:01 hendy: there will be lots of new gecko features that will need prefs and management
17:01 hendy: not groundbreaking enough for SoC?
17:02 hendy: eg: transient bar for geolocation requests
17:02 ardissone: geo is fx-only
17:02 ardissone: tear-off tabs
17:04 hendy: yeah, that relies on new gecko
17:04 kreeger: yo
17:04 kreeger: sorry i was eating a burrito
17:05 kreeger: yeah I can help take a look at that patch ardissone
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17:06 ardissone: sorry
17:06 ardissone: where were we
17:06 ardissone: oh, SoC
17:07 ardissone: so, yeah, medium-sized projects that take advantage of a new Gecko, if it looks like we have it
17:07 ardissone: i've been tagging some of those bugs [1.9.1]
17:08 ardissone: (as opposed to 1.9.x, which is for patches, until we figure out what branches we want to add to the Branches select)
17:08 ardissone: so keep thinking about those sorts of things, and add them to the scratchpad
17:08 ardissone: um
17:09 ardissone: everyone retweeted the best indep browser finalist thing last week, which is nice :)
17:09 ardissone: ss: have you talked to Austin and co again?
17:09 hendy: we're being beaten by k-meleon at the moment
17:09 ardissone: :/
17:09 ardissone: maybe we need to post in the forum, too :P
17:10 ardissone: ok, anyone else have anything else?
17:10 smorgan: It's hard to win a popularity contest against something with 20x the target user base...
17:11 ardissone: heh
17:11 Wevah: it's obviously the year of linux on the desktop!
17:12 smorgan: If by Linux you mean Windows
17:13 ardissone: or Flock, which can draw on all three :P
17:13 ardissone: anwyay
17:13 ardissone: sorry for the disjointed meeting today
17:13 ardissone: everyone have a good week, work on those 2.0.2/2.1 bugs/reviews :D