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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-06-02 15:39:57 -0400

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16:07 pinkerton: sorry, was running errands
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16:07 ardissone: who else are we missing
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16:08 ardissone: i think just people who aren't here
16:09 ardissone: so, without further ado,
16:09 ardissone: 2.0.3 finally went out a week ago today :)
16:10 ardissone: we only have crash data for a single week vs the usual 2, but even based on that numbers seem down
16:10 ardissone: also, the topcrashers are down within that, meaning more stuff on the long tail
16:11 ardissone: after Flash, there's a gfx fonts crash
16:11 ardissone: the sig seems familiar, but I can find no bugs about it
16:12 ardissone: _nsnote_callback
16:12 ardissone: which seems to be related to closing windows with a mouse
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16:13 ardissone: although pKE is in there, too, so dunno
16:13 Wevah: cheers
16:13 ardissone: being an example
16:15 ardissone: all the other new stuff below that is really the OS or a 3rd party
16:15 ardissone: except for our good friend the KeychainBrowserListener
16:15 smorgan: :(
16:16 smorgan: I'll look at it again, but I'm not confident I'll find anything
16:16 smorgan: \
16:16 ardissone: ok
16:16 ardissone: i try to stop thinking about it so that I'll still have hair left, but that's hard sometimes :(
16:17 ardissone: also, new 1Password crash I've never seen before:
16:17 ardissone: not just them crashing us by messing around in our internals, but by doing something dumb themselves, I guess
16:18 smorgan: Yep, looks like
16:19 ardissone: Have we checked to see if the new versions (like this one) are getting warned about?
16:19 smorgan: I haven't looked in a long time
16:19 ardissone: ok
16:19 smorgan: I stopped caring
16:19 ardissone: heh
16:20 ardissone: (they are still crashing us by messing around with the toolbar, too; but very low-grade crashes)
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16:20 ardissone: absolutely none of the old docshell crashes, so hendy's fix has worked very well there :)
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16:21 hendy: yay
16:21 ardissone: so glad to get that shipped to our users :)
16:21 Wevah: awesome
16:21 ardissone: now that l10n is awake from the release, we're collection our breakpad l10ns to upstream, too
16:22 ardissone: *ing
16:22 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.0.3?
16:23 ardissone: as for 1.6.x, we got a few weeks of stats from late April/early May
16:24 ardissone: and then about 60% of the 1.6.x userbase was 10.4-and-up :(
16:25 smorgan: Although some fraction of that is probably the screwed up query strings
16:25 ardissone: yeah
16:25 ardissone: we'll want to see how stats look post-2.0.3
16:26 ardissone: but it's looking like we'll want to push new update offers to them
16:26 ardissone: anything else on 1.6.x?
16:27 smorgan: Just to be sure: we are serving each point update to all 10.4+ users, right?
16:27 smorgan: We aren't accidentally screening them to just 2.0 users?
16:29 ardissone: i believe everyone gets it
16:29 ardissone: 1.6.10 gets a prompt for er, 2.0.2
16:29 smorgan: Okay, good
16:30 ardissone: er, maybe the 2.0.2 is because i'm poiting at stage; let me check
16:30 ardissone: yeah, my url is for update-check-test
16:31 ardissone: so if i launched it normally, is should get .3
16:31 ardissone: on to 2.0.4
16:33 ardissone: hendy: anything new on flashblock urls yet?
16:33 hendy: no, sorry. :(
16:33 ardissone: ok
16:33 ardissone: we are starting to collect some bugs for 2.0.4
16:33 ardissone: the query string thing we've been talking about
16:33 ardissone: for Sparkle
16:34 ardissone: we have markus's printing fix for 10.6 (and, really, everywhere)
16:34 ardissone: spotlight metadata sync issues
16:35 ardissone: look for sometime in july, perhaps, for that release
16:35 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.4?
16:36 ardissone: On to 2.1, then!
16:37 ardissone: since last week's meeting, we've started pushing 1.9.2-based builds as nightlies
16:37 ardissone: smorgan fixed symbol generation this weekend, so we have the correct paths/links
16:38 ardissone: about:mozilla picked up the 1.9.2 nightlies story, too :P
16:39 ardissone: there's been some progress+confusion on the Core key events patch
16:40 ardissone: josh is OK with it for 1.9.2, but it's unclear yet whether it'll go on trunk or we'll have to keep begging
16:40 ardissone: i got reviews from josh today on a little hack to make the Cocoa print UI localizable on 1.9.2, so now that's in the long approvals hopper
16:41 ardissone: smorgan and pink did a banner job clearing the sr queue the past few days
16:41 pinkerton: :D
16:42 ardissone: landed tons of stuff this weekend, and more to go when smorgan can land
16:42 ardissone: :)
16:42 ardissone: including the anti-JS-key-blackhole patch :)
16:43 ardissone: on the down side, it looks like GTM is incompatible with the MPL, so we can't use GTMUILocalizer in our troublesome nibs :(
16:43 smorgan: So what's left that would stop us from using 1.9.2?
16:43 smorgan: Focus?
16:43 ardissone: focus
16:44 ardissone: and in terms of an alpha, focus, dan, and lying macro cleanup
16:44 smorgan: I was thinking more of killing CVS
16:45 smorgan: Having been doing landings again I am already tired of it again ;)
16:45 ardissone: we could alpha with the focus bug, but it's a real PITA
16:45 ardissone: hehe
16:45 smorgan: Is it something we could work around if necessary?
16:45 smorgan: I forget what the bug is excatly
16:46 ardissone: opening anything in a new non-bg foo puts focus in lalaland
16:46 ardissone: (bg foo is fine)
16:46 ardissone: i tried to look and see where we do focus-on-new, but i couldn't find it
16:47 ardissone: (which is not a big surprise ;) to me)
16:47 smorgan: Sounds like the sort of thing that could probably be worked around if necessary. I'll try to look if it will let us kill CVS
16:47 ardissone: ok
16:48 ardissone: since dan should be back soon-ish and will presumably be able to wrap up the perf issues (fingers crossed) with autocomplete
16:48 ardissone: and someone ought to be able to do the lying macros fix
16:49 ardissone: shall we shoot for end-of-the-month for alpha 1?
16:50 smorgan: I'm not sure we can make a real plan without asking Dan
16:51 ardissone: well, how about as a fake plan?
16:51 ardissone: "pending dan, we want to have the other things all ready by eoJun"
16:51 smorgan: sure
16:53 ardissone: we might still be waiting for branch approvals, but in theory we ought to be able to minibranch them if Firefox 3.6.4 is still waiting to ship :P
16:54 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.1?
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16:56 ardissone: also, as of a few weeks ago, we're reasonably close to being able to complete a build with 1.9.3
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16:56 ardissone: (excepting striptease)
16:56 ardissone: smorgan's nsIPref cleanup should help a lot
16:57 pinkerton: yay
16:57 ardissone: there's some packaging, as always
16:57 ardissone: a bunch of warnings, and maybe a couple of other Core API changes
16:58 smorgan: We should probably start filing bugs
16:58 ardissone: philippe did a build; i have his log
16:58 smorgan: Presumably a bunch of things could be fixed on the same branch
16:59 ardissone: yeah
17:00 ardissone: i've lost the url for the log, but I can put it up for reference, as well as start pulling some stuff out
17:01 ardissone: anyway, we had a very productive week/weekend
17:01 ardissone: so big thanks to pink and smorgan :)
17:02 ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
17:02 pinkerton: do we know if we got a bump in traffic from that referrer site?
17:02 smorgan: Oh, let me chekc
17:02 ardissone: haha
17:03 ss: Heh
17:03 ss: We may have.
17:03 ardissone: SpamSieve caught pink and sam as spam on that
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17:04 smorgan: 12 people?
17:04 » David1 joined the chat room.
17:04 ss: Yeah, huh.
17:04 ss: There was certainly a bump yesterday.
17:04 smorgan: No, 13!
17:04 ss: But I guess not from them.
17:04 pinkerton: wow
17:04 pinkerton: that many.
17:05 ardissone: (a reminder to anyone filing bugs on 1.9.3-related stuff, that's "Trunk" if it's only 1.9.3, but "unspecified" if it could apply other places)
17:05 ardissone: haha
17:05 smorgan: And actually we already had 2-3 a day from them it looks like
17:05 ardissone: spamming doesn't pay :P
17:05 ss: 13 ... is ... better ... than 0?
17:05 ardissone: lol
17:06 ardissone: ok, anything else?
17:07 ardissone: then, good work this week everyone, and work on those 2.1/2.0.4 bugs and have a good week! :D