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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-08-04 15:41:56 -0400

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16:04 ardissone: heh
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16:29 ardissone: ok
16:29 ardissone:
16:29 ardissone: we'll get something that can be logged, at least :P
16:29 ardissone: crashes were down this week, but still higher than had been normal
16:30 ardissone: facebook bumped chatroulette for the top place to crash
16:30 ardissone: most of those are the evil KeychainBrowserListener crash, which is the top single sig this week
16:30 ardissone: (beating Flash, which is very rare)
16:31 ardissone: but there were also big drops in Flash this week, e.g. Flash 10 dropped from 18% of crashes to only 15%
16:32 ardissone: Flash 10.1 + Exposé is still high, so we need to finish up 2.0.4
16:32 ardissone: speaking of which
16:32 ardissone: we need to make sure we have a bunch of people trying 2.0.4pre
16:32 ardissone: since there are no Firefox users to catch strange Gecko regressions
16:33 ardissone: we have only one user really mentioning testing with 2.0.4pre
16:33 ardissone: he's having lots of problems, but he was also having bizarre problems with 2.1, too, so it's hard to say
16:34 ardissone: i have a new patch for the %-escaping bug that builds here, but it doesn't work at all ;)
16:34 ardissone: so undoubtedly i've missed something
16:35 ardissone: we haven't seen hendy in a while, so I presume there's nothing new on the Flash exceptions list
16:35 ardissone: anyone have anything else on 2.0.x?
16:37 ardissone: ok
16:37 ardissone: on the 1.6.x front, it looks like our fake update is moving people off of 1.6, which is good
16:37 ardissone: unfortunately, it doesn't look like they're making it to 2.0.3 :(
16:38 ardissone: On to 2.1
16:38 ardissone: it doesn't seem that there are any updates here
16:38 ardissone: cl was going to get his tree working this afternoon, though
16:40 ardissone: we're still at that almost-zarroboogs state
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16:41 ardissone: smorgan: any updates from you this week?
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16:42 ardissone: i guess not :(
16:43 ardissone: anyone have anything else about anything else?
16:43 ardissone: ok then
16:44 ardissone: everyone have a good week, and please work on those 2.0.4 and 2.1a1pre bugs :)