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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-11-03 15:29:51 -0400

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16:01 ardissone: smorgan: pink?
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16:01 smorgan: checking
16:01 ardissone: k
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16:05 ardissone: brb
16:11 ardissone: ?
16:15 smorgan: No answer
16:15 ardissone: ok
16:15 ilya: what's the question?
16:15 ardissone: "pink?"
16:15 ardissone: let's go then
16:15 ilya: oh — he's in a meeting
16:16 ardissone: heh
16:16 smorgan: I have to leave in 15 min, so we should front-load anything I need to be here for
16:16 ardissone: k
16:16 ardissone: did you see my comments in bug 493474?
16:18 ardissone: on 2.0.5, julian showed up and complained about autocomplete not working, but never responded when i asked for details
16:18 ardissone: other than that, no really new stuff
16:18 ardissone: people noticed flash-check; we heard some mentions on the forum and twitter
16:19 smorgan: Oops :(
16:19 smorgan: I should have caught that
16:19 smorgan: Go ahead and add it; sr=me
16:19 ardissone: k
16:19 ardissone: i should have looked at the patch sooner :(
16:20 ardissone: when there's a chance, might be nice to see this week's Flash stats
16:20 ardissone: we're ~55% 2.0.x on 2.0.5 now
16:20 smorgan: It was ~43% current Flash
16:20 smorgan: I looked this morning
16:20 ardissone: :)
16:20 ardissone: still going up :)
16:21 smorgan: I checked the few days before, it might be leveling out
16:21 smorgan: hard to tell
16:21 ardissone: k
16:21 smorgan: Still, it's a solid jump
16:21 ardissone: still, helpful :D
16:21 ardissone: mhm
16:21 ardissone: on crashes
16:21 ardissone: we only have 1wk data, but even 2x we're a little under where we were with 2.0.4
16:22 ardissone: KBL is still leading
16:22 ardissone: Flash 10.1 and 10.0 are about equally split
16:22 ardissone: 10.1 has a slight lead
16:23 ardissone: bottom half of top 10 is assorted stuff again, including Flash+libcrypto!
16:23 ardissone: the "corrupt" stacks problem is pretty widespread
16:24 ardissone: (-[BrowserWrapper removeTransientBar:display:] showing up below _start and start)
16:24 ardissone: not sure what might be going on there
16:24 ardissone: troubling, but the stacks seem OK otherwise, so not too troubling
16:25 ardissone: also, we have a lot of 10.6.4 whatever-the-build-id-is crashes that don't have OS libraries resymbolize
16:25 ardissone: d
16:25 ardissone: with is annoying
16:25 ardissone: it's not as bad as 10.4.11, but headed that way
16:26 ardissone: anything else with 2.0.5?
16:27 ardissone: skipping ahead
16:27 ardissone: the big problem the past few weeks has been stuck queues
16:27 ardissone: (r and sr)
16:27 ardissone: pink cleared his this am :)
16:27 ardissone: i pinged hendy, and he said he'd try to get to his soon
16:28 ardissone: ilya said last night we needed to clone him a firefighter ;)
16:28 ardissone: smorgan: still look like you'll have some camino time this week?
16:28 smorgan: Yep
16:28 ardissone: :)
16:29 smorgan: Didn't last night because I was watching elections, but should for the rest of the week
16:29 ardissone: here's hoping for 2.1a1 in November!
16:29 ardissone: i left some comments in the history bug
16:29 smorgan: I'm sure it'll happen; 2.1 is a small, quick release ;)
16:29 ardissone: haha
16:30 ardissone: small, yes; quick, no
16:30 smorgan: 1.9.0->1.9.2 isn't exactly small either
16:30 ardissone: true
16:30 ardissone: not at all
16:30 ardissone: "small" in what users can see as features
16:30 smorgan: I'm out; I'll lurk in channel though
16:30 ardissone: k
16:31 ardissone: so
16:31 ardissone: back to 2.0.x
16:31 ardissone: cpeterso pushed the Flash console spam bug inside Adobe, and it came back WONTFIX
16:31 ilya: pink just walked by — might be popping in in a little while
16:31 ardissone: k
16:32 ardissone: which is not much of a surprise
16:33 ardissone: but it's still unclear what's causing it
16:33 ardissone: and would have been nice if we could have gotten some info from Adobe
16:34 ardissone: otherwise, for 2.0.6 we have some bookmarks metadata cleanup fixes
16:34 ardissone: probably the "dls with no content-length appear cancelled"
16:34 ardissone: and whatever assorted other fixes we have
16:35 ardissone: stuart will look at KBL again after 2.1a1 is out
16:36 ardissone: it's disturbing how this crash came out of nowhere and ramped up
16:36 ardissone: and that there appears to be no way to reproduce it
16:37 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.x?
16:38 ardissone: On 2.1
16:38 ardissone: we're getting closer to the first "end" of Stuart's history rewrite
16:38 ardissone: that will get autocomplete back to fast enough to Alpha!
16:39 ardissone: some of the ENSURE(foo) failures are worrisome
16:39 ardissone: i logged some last weekend when working on another bug
16:40 ardissone: and commented in the history bug and the bug related to one the specific errors, which we'd filed all the way back in March!
16:41 Wevah: have you complained about any of my bugs yet?
16:41 Wevah: >_<
16:41 ardissone: :P
16:41 ardissone: "Wevah doesn't have enough bugs!"
16:41 Wevah: uhh
16:42 ardissone: Wevah: did I cc you recently on a bug?
16:42 Wevah: uhh
16:42 Wevah: i have no idea
16:42 ardissone: is still trying to figure out what that was
16:42 ardissone: moz@derailer doesn't get mail, or that mail doesn't get read? ;)
16:43 ardissone: i pinged murph over the weekend, too, about coming back to do pinch; no reply from him yet
16:44 ardissone: as i alluded to earlier, hendy did say he'd try to be back soon
16:44 ardissone: cl should be back next week
16:44 Wevah: it gets dumped into a bugzilla folder which i rarely look at
16:44 Wevah: :/
16:44 ardissone: heh
16:45 ardissone: Anyway, the two big things we have to fix for 2.1 are history/autocomplete regressions and focus regressions
16:45 ardissone: both of which are nasty
16:47 ardissone: anything else on 2.1/a1?
16:48 ardissone: haha
16:49 ardissone: bug 417963 and bug 363895 sound like things for Wevah
16:49 ardissone: (see
16:49 ardissone: "write a test app" is Wevah's m.o. :)
16:50 Wevah: are they cocoa menus?
16:50 ardissone: yeah, NSMenus
16:50 Wevah: cant we just use alternate menu items?
16:50 ardissone: no
16:50 Wevah: why not?
16:50 ardissone: well, we do in some places
16:50 ardissone: and it's hacky
16:51 Wevah: how is it hacky?
16:51 ardissone: and hard to do in others
16:51 ardissone: and causes things like
16:52 ardissone: we have to do lots of special-casing for counting, and have to move things out of nibs into code, and then we still have bugs
16:52 Wevah: could override the accessibility title somehow, but that'd still mean a lot of voiceover
16:52 Wevah: i guess the only real option is GetCurrentEventKeyModifiers() or whatever
16:53 ardissone: that screws up spaces on 10.6
16:53 Wevah: whatever one returns the actual current hardware state instead of the cached flags
16:53 Wevah: then you are screwed!
16:53 Wevah: i got nothin'
16:54 ardissone: well, the Apple docs claim what we want to do is fixed
16:54 Wevah: how does it screw up spaces?
16:54 Wevah: that seems really strange
16:54 ardissone: they're just ambiguous as to what the requirements are
16:55 ardissone: whether it's runtime, SDK, build host, or what
16:55 Wevah: oh wait i just read the comment about currentEvent
16:55 ardissone: ;)
16:56 ardissone: (bug 516249 is how it screws up spaces, btw)
16:56 Wevah: that should work fine as long as we're liking on 10.5/don't need to support 10.4 or under
16:56 ardissone: we still support 10.4
16:56 ardissone: 10.4 sdk, 10.5 buildhost
16:56 Wevah: i think the only reason i couldn't use it in a certain app was it breaks if the app isn't the foreground app (which matters for status item apps, but not normal ones)
16:56 ardissone: 10.4 min runtime
16:57 Wevah: i admit it i don't really pay attention to 10.4 stuff anymore :S
16:57 Wevah: er, admit that
16:58 ardissone: well, this is going to be the last hurrah for 10.4 and PPC, so we still have to care ;)
16:58 Wevah: blech
16:58 Wevah: !
16:59 ardissone: In other news, Sam reported last week that he had indeed mailed the AppZapper folks again
16:59 ardissone: no response yet at that time
17:00 ardissone: We're also due this month for a server migration
17:00 ardissone: which should hopefully unblock a whole bunch of piled-up website bugs
17:01 ardissone: hopefully also leading to caminoplanet running without intervention :P
17:01 ardissone: and not gagging on my feed :P
17:01 Wevah: i already had a negative opinion of appzapper
17:02 ardissone: before they suggested it was the perfect way to "clean up" after Camino nightly builds? ;)
17:02 Wevah: before that yeah
17:02 ardissone: i think that about covers everything I had
17:02 ardissone: anyone have anything else?
17:04 ardissone: ok then
17:04 ardissone: everyone please work on 2.1/a1 bugs and reviews, and have a good week! :)