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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2010-12-08 15:28:13 -0500

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16:05 ardissone: smorgan: any pink?
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16:07 smorgan: pinged
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16:10 smorgan: no pink
16:10 ardissone: ok
16:10 ardissone: :(
16:10 ardissone: we can't chastise him about the HDS review request hitting the 1 month mark :( :P
16:11 ardissone: First up, meeting the rest of the month
16:11 smorgan: You can chastise me double for no focus progress if that will help
16:11 ardissone: haha
16:12 ardissone: HDS is s a bigger blocker, though :|
16:12 ardissone: i assume we'll meet as normal next week
16:12 smorgan: I'll be here
16:12 ardissone: but then the next two Wednesdays are the 22nd and the 29th
16:12 ardissone: not immediately adjacent to the holidays
16:13 ardissone: shall we plan on meeting, and check in again next week to see if they still look good?
16:14 ardissone: has not even started thinking that far ahead :P
16:14 ardissone: On 2.0.6
16:14 ardissone: I dfigured out part of the crash-count discrepancy
16:14 smorgan: (I'll be flying those days)
16:14 ardissone: ok
16:15 ardissone: so that sounds like probably a no for meetings, then
16:15 ardissone: unless we have a sudden infusion of missing people returning
16:16 ardissone: :P
16:16 ardissone: crash-stats silently changed the default view from 14d to 7d :P
16:16 smorgan: haha
16:16 ardissone: however, even with that, we're still running ~50% of what we were seeing before
16:17 ardissone: (that is, when I switch back to 14d)
16:17 ardissone: so that's awesome
16:17 ardissone: Usage is holding steady, too
16:17 ardissone: so unless people have stopped reporting crashes, we're 50% less crashy!
16:17 smorgan: Yay!
16:18 ardissone: we obviously took some fixes, but I hope getting people to newer, less crashy Flash has helped
16:18 ardissone: e.g., Flash 10.1 is only ~12% of crashes, whereas Flash 10 used to be 20-25%
16:19 ardissone: smorgan: this is also the point in the program where I ask how our Flash stats are this week ;)
16:19 ardissone: other good crash news: no new LastPass-related crashes
16:20 smorgan: Checking...
16:20 ardissone: the bad news, of course, is that KBL is still pretty huge
16:21 ardissone: it's a little under-reported right now because we have these libobjc.A.dylibs that aren't getting resymbolized (10.6.4, 10.6.5)
16:21 ardissone: which is continually frustrating
16:22 ardissone: but not as frustrating as the actual crash is to users :P
16:22 smorgan: 2.0 overall: 53% latest, 20% latest-1
16:23 smorgan: 2.0.6: 82% latest, 7% latest-1
16:23 smorgan: Oh wait, I didn't time restrict
16:23 ardissone: ah, beccause I think both of those are down some from last week
16:24 smorgan: Yesterday it's 71%/10.5% and 84.5%/7%
16:24 smorgan: For 2.0.6 the next biggest version is only 1.5% :)
16:24 ardissone: so some progress on 2.0 overall, and about the same for 2.0.6
16:24 ardissone: :)
16:25 ardissone: also while we're on Flash, yesterday we removed the file descriptor increase, so all you laggards on Flash 9, you're going to start dying again :P
16:26 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.6?
16:27 ardissone: I think this is going to be the last week for the 1.6.11 item on the agenda
16:27 ardissone: and end-of-the-line for our ability to use Google Docs to track things
16:28 ardissone: conveniently, i was offered the survey again the other night when i was inputting data
16:29 ardissone: I don't have anything new on 2.0.7; we're sort-of waiting until after a1 when Stuart can return to the evil that is the KBL crash
16:30 ardissone: on 2.1
16:31 ardissone: there's not really much new to report, i don't think
16:31 ardissone: waiting on pink
16:31 ardissone: for srs
16:32 ardissone: all but 1 of the r queue has been waiting for more than a month :(
16:32 ardissone: i pinged hendy again the other day and haven't heard back at all
16:32 ardissone: so i'll talk to ilya and see if he can take those reviews
16:34 ardissone: smorgan: your remaining srs should be trivial, fwiw; look at some pictures and some capitalization synchronization
16:34 smorgan: k
16:34 ardissone: not that they're significant progress, but they'll be not sitting ;)
16:35 ardissone: anything else on 2.1?
16:36 ardissone: ss: anything new from AppZapper?
16:37 ss: Nothing, no.
16:37 ss: It may appear they ignored my email.
16:37 ardissone: heh
16:37 ss: I mean, if I had to guess.
16:38 ardissone: since it didn't come with NASTY LEGAL THREATS
16:38 ss: It could, but I was hoping it wouldn't have to.
16:38 ardissone: right
16:39 ardissone: on the Server Migration front, we're still sitting in place :P
16:39 ardissone: we haven't heard from them since we posted new issues on Thursday
16:39 ss: (But our side of things are basically done.)
16:39 ss: s/are/is
16:40 ardissone: right
16:40 ardissone: it's unclear if they're going to shut down tomorrow, but I certainly hope not, since we haven't heard from them :P
16:40 ardissone: so we continue to wait
16:41 ardissone: just as we continue to wait for IT to investigate what happened to cb-xserve01
16:41 ss: I highly doubt they'll shut down without migrating us.
16:41 ss: They're pretty reasonable.
16:42 ardissone: there have been no Cm2 nightlies since last Thursday
16:42 ardissone: since nothing's landing, that's not a problem
16:42 ss: Up the priority?
16:43 ardissone: worst-case, we turn them on on cb-x4 when we're ready to start landing stuff
16:44 ardissone: but obviously i'd prefer not to switch build OS, and not to lose our only 10.4 box
16:44 ardissone: oh
16:45 ardissone: cl: anything to report on your end?
16:46 ardissone: i've made some progress with my view-source fix; i have some questions for stuart yet
16:47 ardissone: that's mostly what I've been working on, in addition to more bashing-head-into-walls over the autocomplete window bugs i hate
16:48 ardissone: and i guess that's about it; we're in the holiday season/North American cold season, so it's slow
16:48 ardissone: hopefully we can continue moving, if slowly, through this month
16:48 ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
16:49 smorgan: doesn't
16:50 ardissone: ok then
16:50 ardissone: everyone please work on 2.1/a1 bugs/reviews, and have a good week! :)