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Log from #camino-mtg starting 2011-01-19 15:36:03 -0500

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15:36 » ardissone was promoted to operator by ChanServ.
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16:02 » smorgan joined the chat room.
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16:02 ardissone: pink?
16:02 » ilya joined the chat room.
16:02 smorgan: I don't see him
16:02 » ilya was promoted to operator by ardissone.
16:02 ardissone: heh
16:03 ardissone: ok then
16:03 ilya: don't see me where? O:-)
16:03 ardissone: we'll moof along without him
16:03 ardissone: heh
16:03 ilya: or was that pink?
16:03 ardissone: pink ;)
16:03 ardissone: we see you just fine :)
16:03 » smorgan is now known as pinkerton.
16:03 pinkerton: ship it!
16:03 ardissone: lol
16:04 » pinkerton is now known as smorgan.
16:04 ardissone: so
16:04 ardissone:
16:04 ardissone: the most important thing to note about 2.0.6 is that socorro is thoroughly broken
16:05 ardissone: and has been heavily broken for some time (since October)
16:05 ardissone: so we have to take everything with a grain of salt
16:05 ardissone: right now, all of the individual crashes are offline
16:06 ardissone: and 2.1a1 is showing no crashes, even though at least I crashes last night (stupid JS)
16:06 smorgan: Is this just for us? Or is Firefox flying blind too?
16:06 ardissone: so i don't know whether the reports can even be trusted to have the right values
16:06 ardissone: everyone
16:06 smorgan: Good, so it will be fixed ;)
16:07 ardissone: and that's ignoring the 100Ks of crashes that got collected and never integrated into the data since Oct
16:07 ardissone: well, someday
16:07 ardissone: but yes
16:07 ardissone: the other interesting thing
16:08 ardissone: is that pthread_mutex_lock spiked some, with several comments referring to Comcast Xfinity
16:08 ardissone: which presumably means Comcast is using either VLC/Veetle or Move-Media for its TV
16:09 ardissone: which is bad :(
16:10 ardissone: there didn't appear to be any new LastPass or 1Password crashes this week over what were there last week
16:10 ardissone: but, again, grain of salt
16:11 ardissone: smorgan: any Flash stats update?
16:11 smorgan: I looked last week and they hadn't moved much; I can check again now
16:11 ardissone: ok
16:11 smorgan: Is the Move Media plugin alive again?
16:11 ardissone: dunno
16:11 smorgan: I guess their new direction was going to be partnering with ISPs
16:11 ardissone: can't see the crashes to tell
16:11 smorgan: So that's plausible...
16:12 ardissone: (Fox and CW used to use as late as Q1 2010, after I think you said it was dead)
16:13 smorgan: Fox transitioned off fairly quickly
16:13 smorgan: Dunno about CW
16:13 ardissone: ok; i hadn't checked
16:14 smorgan: 2.0.6: 88% 3%
16:14 smorgan: 2.0: 78% 5%
16:14 ardissone: 2.0.6 up a little from the last time iirc
16:15 ardissone: anything else on 2.0.6?
16:17 smorgan: Nope
16:17 ardissone: what's our plan for 2.0.7?
16:17 ardissone: 2.0.6 is 9 weeks old now
16:17 smorgan: What's the Gecko side doing?
16:17 ardissone: nothing
16:18 smorgan: Oh, right
16:18 smorgan: Then we should probably scrap 2.0.7
16:18 smorgan: Oh, I guess there's the font bug
16:18 ardissone: and the fixed JEP
16:18 smorgan: Oh, that's in?
16:19 ardissone: well, it's waiting to land
16:19 smorgan: I guess we can ship once that's in, and look into the font bug if it does in fact affect 2.0
16:19 ardissone: KBL was the main driver, but it seems to have vanished right now
16:20 ardissone: for reasons as-yet unknows
16:20 ardissone: *n
16:20 smorgan: Mostly we should focus on shipping 2.1; we could even wait on the JEP potentially, depending on your workload
16:21 ardissone: mostly agreed
16:22 ardissone: i just don't want to abandon 2.0.x like we did 0.8.x while working on the next thing, when there are fixes available that users will benefit from
16:23 ardissone: e.g., it was our users who found the JEP regression, not Firefox users :P
16:23 ardissone: but, at the least, i need a week off in between release weeks
16:24 ardissone: s
16:24 ardissone: So, on to 2.1 stuff
16:24 ardissone: we had a weekend sprint
16:24 ardissone: mostly stuart sprinting and me trying to keep up ;)
16:25 ardissone: and landed a whole bunch of extra stuff for a1
16:25 ardissone: Java disabling fix, arbitrary plug-in disabling, skeleton for blacklisting
16:25 ardissone: FAYT
16:25 ardissone: and some other UI stuff
16:26 ardissone: in terms of autocomplete, so far haven't heard any other perf issues
16:26 ardissone: just the one exception thing stuart fixed
16:26 ardissone: the rest of the autocomplete stuff is predominantly UI
16:27 ardissone: question: are we going to try and do sane integrated rankings per the bugs, or are we going to keep the annoying separated sections?
16:29 smorgan: I can probably do that for b1
16:29 ardissone: ok
16:29 smorgan: (I can definitely do it with a small loss of efficiency)
16:30 ardissone: hates having to arrow down 5+ times to get the thing i want 95% of the time :P
16:30 ardissone: so far the feedback on a1rc has been positive
16:31 smorgan: I'll try to get to it this weekend so we have time to try it out
16:31 ardissone: a few random things, as always
16:31 ardissone: k
16:31 ardissone: so i think we're in good shape to ship tomorrow
16:32 smorgan: w00t!
16:32 ardissone: i've got most of the web-related texts ready
16:32 ardissone: (need to do the update description yet)
16:32 ardissone: and beyond that, the website stuff is just a few small changes and the update definition
16:33 ardissone: which ought to be ready tonight
16:34 ardissone: anything else on 2.1/a1?
16:34 ardissone: er, we have a b1 flag now
16:35 ardissone: starting to go through and flag any remaining "big" items and l10n-related changes there
16:36 ardissone: the r queue got a lot better this weekend
16:36 ardissone: down about 25%
16:37 ardissone: all the requests are still older than 1mo, except the new one
16:37 ardissone: ilya: which is yours; you saw it, right?
16:40 ardissone: anyone have anything else today?
16:40 ardissone: (besides "ship it!" which is tomorrow ;) )
16:42 ardissone: ok then
16:43 ardissone: everyone please work on 2.1/b1 bugs/reviews, and have a good week! :D
16:43 ilya: ardissone: yeah, saw that one (though in my defense the new request is only a few days old)
16:43 ilya: will try to get to it later today
16:43 ardissone: yeah, just making sure you'd seen it
16:43 ardissone: cool
16:44 ardissone: (also because i "remember" you not being around recently, because when I wanted to ask you something the other day, you were not here at that moment ;) )
16:45 ardissone: (and without a bot, it's harder to really remember when people were last around ;) )