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Note to wikipedia editors/readers: This is an unofficial document, i.e., merely one guy's thoughts on what Camino 1.2 might contain. Nothing has been decided yet (heck, there may not even be a Camino 1.2). Wikis by default do not make reliable sources.

Thoughts on Scoping Camino 1.2

Camino 1.2 will be a relatively quick follow-up to Camino 1.1. It will land significant high-value features (some of which are already under development on the trunk) while we wait for Gecko 1.9 to stabilize and branch.


Estimated 2 months of "regular" development between Camino 1.1 final and Camino 1.2 Alpha 1, with subsequent milestones following at approximately one month intervals. Milestones post-Alpha 1 will have development more tightly focused on the Major Features and their regressions/follow-ups.

Camino 1.2 should be released no later than 6 months following Camino 1.1 in order not to delay Camino 2.0.

Major Features/Areas of Focus

  • Tab scrolling (plus follow-ups)
  • Tab dragging
  • Keychain rewrite (the major part of this was in 1.1)
    • Form fill ? (batwood has some work in progress here)
  • Software update
  • Tab chain fixes ?
  • Session saving (the major part of this was in 1.1)
    • 1.1 session-saving follow-ups ?
    • Undo Close Tab(s)
  • nsIFeed conversion
    • subscribe using web feedreaders (this code is all in /browser though)
  • OpenSearch
  • Sniffing in download code
  • Migration/first run experience?
  • Gecko chrome strings?

N.B Unless we get a significant uptick in developer strength or developer productivity, all of these features may not make 1.2 if we keep to the plan of a "quick" release.