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Managing cookies.

Websites store "cookies" on your computer to facilitate transactions with the site. In most cases, cookies are harmless. For some websites, you must allow cookies to be accepted in order to use the site.

If you are concerned about cookies, you can set how you want Camino to handle them.

By entering the preferences and going to the Privacy section, you will find a few options to customize. Camino can accept all cookies, accept cookies only from sites you visit - meaning cookies from advertisers and other 3rd party websites will be blocked, or deny all cookies. Additionally Camino offers the user the ability to ask every time a cookie is offered, allowing the user the ability to choose which cookies are accepted.

To see the cookies you have accepted, click Show Cookies. You can then view and remove cookies.

Emptying the cache.

To empty the cache, choose "Empty Cache" from the Camino menu. Note that deleting the cache in Camino will also cause the site icons (or fav icons) from your bookmarks to be deleted.

Removing the history.

To remove the browser history, choose "Clear History" from the Go menu. Note that deleting the history will remove automatic URL completion from the location bar for URLs that aren't bookmarked.

Resetting Camino.

Resetting Camino will erase your browsing history, empty the cache, clear downloads, clear all cookies, clear all site permissions, and remove all remembered usernames and passwords. This action cannot be undone. To reset Camino, simply go to the Camino menu, and select “Reset Camino.”

Submitting forms to a secure website.

In some cases, forms you complete in Camino may be submitted in a nonsecure way to a secure website. Camino is set to display a message when this is about to happen, so you can prevent the form from being submitted if you are concerned about the security of your information. Note that Camino will indicate that a webpage is secure by showing the secure (lock) icon in the location bar.

Accessing websites that require a personal certificate.

If you need to access a website that requires a personal certificate, Camino is capable of handling them, but there is no user interface to set them up. However, Firefox users can transfer their certificates over to Camino and they will work fine.