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Originally published by Ludovic Hirlimann on août 28, 2006 3:39 PM at

Camino Interview #2 : Ian Leue

Here comes another IRC interview, this time with Ian Leue.

Ludovic Hirlimann: Hello, could you introduce yourself including name, age, irc nick and place where you live ?

Ian Leue: My name is Ian Leue. I'm 20 years old, known on irc as "froodian", and I attend college in Connecticut, USA

LH: So for a living you are a student. What do you do for the Camino project ?

IL: I code, triage bugs, answer feedback, and help with forum support. Anything that needs doing, really.

LH: Any particular piece of code you are more familiar with ?

IL: I've been dabbling pretty much everywhere in the codebase, but my most sizable contributions so far have been to the menu code, and I'm planning on doing lots more cleanup that needs to be done there soon.

LH: What is your setup ?

IL: I'm on a 14" iBook g4, 1.33 GHz, with 1.2 GB of RAM. The clock speed isn't awesome, but the extra RAM helps it run like butter.

LH: How long have you been using Camino ? What made you join the team ? was joining a difficult process ?

IL: I tried out Camino for short periods of time a few times, starting when it was about .7 or so (I think. Hard to remember that far back). I started using Camino regularly some time after .8.4, when the nightlies had lots of features that the release builds didn't (like the "new" tabs). I sort of joined the team by infiltration. I began as one of the lurkers delliott mentioned in his interview, and just

IL: started being useful whenever I saw an opportunity. By the beginning 2006 I was a regular triage and QA member, and I decided to learn Objective C and start coding as a summer project.

LH: So it's a nice experience being a member of Camino's coding team ?

IL: Absolutely. I love working on Camino :)

LH: Are you involved in other open or closed software projects ?

IL: I do QA work for several closed software projects. I'm on the beta team for WebnoteHappy and VoodooPad, and I report bugs in all the apps I use. Additionally, I've just released my own preference pane for Camino, MoreCamino.

LH: Which is available at ?


LH: How long have you been a computer user ? Mac User ? What was the first machine you ever booted ?

IL: I like this question, because I'm a very nostalgic person. The first machine I remember booting was my family's Mac Classic, although I probably used other peoples' computers for brief periods of time before that. I guess that would mean I've been both a computer and a mac user since '92, and I started tweaking it right away. Man I loved System 6 at the time. ;)

LH: What do you think is missing in Camino ?

IL: Really, the things I miss most are a thousand miniscule features. When you spend your days buried in the bug database, you start seeing all the tiny issues and missing features all the time. The biggest "big-time" feature I miss is RSS detection, but it looks like that's going to change pretty soon.

LH: Anything you would like to add ?

IL: Lots of things! And when Camino 1.1 comes out, we'll see a lot of them. Pretty much as soon as I know how to fix something I do it. Things I'd like to do that I don't quite have the skill for yet is a user-accessible search way to change the search engine list and a total revamp of the "add bookmark" sheet.

IL: Although it occurs to me now that you meant "anything you would like to add to the interview" and not to Camino

IL: in which case, no :p

IL: :)