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Originally published by Ludovic Hirlimann on octobre 10, 2006 11:31 AM at

Camino Interview #6 : Nate Weaver

LH: Could you please introduce yourself : name, age, place where you live, What is your principal work/occupation in life ?

NW: My name is Nate Weaver, a.k.a. Wevah. I'm 25 years old, and live in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, USA. My principal work is mostly sitting around writing code, though I don't get paid enough... ;)

LH: Is your day job mac related too ?

NW: I don't really have a day job at the moment; I'm trying to find my place (and my motivation), unfortunately. Fortunately, I'm much more motivated than I was a few years (or even a few months) ago.

LH: What is your development setup ?

NW: A MacBook Pro (early rev) with a 100 GB/7200 RPM HD and 2 GB of RAM. Oh, and the 256 MB video card (which is currently standard, IIRC).

LH: How long have you been haging on #Camino and contributing patches ?

NW: I always forget this. I think my IRC logs started in August of 2004.

LH: And your first patch ?

NW: Customized .webloc file handling, I think. Oh, and IE .url files too.

LH: Are you specialized in some part of Camino or do you contribute anywhere ?

NW: I like to do stuff that I can do without having to build Camino, though will most likely change eventually. Stuff like the webloc patch where I can test the majority of the code in a small test application. Oh, and I also help administrate the Web site.

LH: Do you also play with the rest of the mozilla code ?

NW: No; it scares me. I still don't have a good grasp of C++, yet. I'd like to get there eventually, of course, but I'm having a much better time in Objective-C Land. :)

LH: Do you participate to other projects be they open source or not ? if yes care to tell us which ones ?

NW: Sure. I have a few of my own projects (as many people do), the two public ones are Paparazzi! and a User Agent prefpane for Camino. I also will be contributing some code to the now-open source CamiTools project (as you can see, a lot of Camino-related stuff). I also contribute bug reports/help for various other things, though I haven't submitted many (if any) patches to them.

LH: Urls ? (I'm a lazy guy)

NW: Paparazzi!'s is, and User Agent's is CamiTools has a new home at, though the current binary isn't there yet (it's at for now).

LH: How long have you been using Macs ? What is the oldest version of Mac OS you've been using ? What was your first computer ?

NW: I've been using Macs since, uh...I don't remember. I think I've used System 4 before, though only for a very short time (and not on my own machine). The first Mac OS I really remember was System 6. The first Mac I used regularly was a family computer; a Macintosh IIvx with 10 MB of RAM and an 80 MB hard disk (oh, how far we've come since then). The first Mac that was mine and mine alone was a "Wallstreet" Powerbook, running at a whopping 266 MHz with 192 megs of RAM and a 4 gig hard disk.

NW: (I'm surprised that I can remember all of that.)

LH: Was it difficult to join the Camino developers team ?

NW: Not really; the only real issue was my own fear of seeming like an idiot or a blowhard (which I guess I don't, thank goodness).

LH: How time eating is it to manage ?

NW: Well, since I don't have to do any content or layout, it's not that difficult at the moment. The main things I have to worry about are the user agent detection script (which is being rewritten), the JavaScript image swapper deal, and the contributors' blogs feed (all of which I wrote). Oh, and the redirects for new releases. Sam's a lot more responsible than I am about a lot of it, though. ;)

LH: Ok, Anything you would like to add , say ?

NW: I can't think of anything funny or informative, to be honest. But uh...CAMIMO R00LZ!

LH: thank you for your time

NW: My pleasure. :)