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Originally published by Ludovic Hirlimann on octobre 7, 2006 4:46 PM at

Camino Interview #5 : Nick Kreeger

Ludovic Hirlimann: Could tell us who you are ?

Nick Kreeger: My name is Nick Kreeger, I am currently a senior computer science student at Park University (located around Kansas City).

LH: How old are you ?

NK: 22

LH: How long have you been in the Camino project ? What do you do in the Camino project ?

NK: Lets see, I have been with the Camino project for well over a year now. Most of my contributions have been to the download manager, for instance I implemented pause-resume downloading and improvements to file tracking in the manager. My latest project has been implementing RSS sniffing support for Camino, which I hope is now in its final stages before we check that feature in. When I am not coding, I have CVS access and try to keep the checkin queue down.

LH: What is your setup ? How long have you been a Camino user ? How long have you been a Mac user ?

NK: Currently, I am using a PowerBook G4 1.5ghz, 1.5 gig ram. At home I hook my secondary 19" LCD display, it's very nice if you have several source files up. I have been using Camino for around 2 years or so, and have been involved on OS X for around 3 years. Prior to OS X, I used OS 9 for about 4 years.

LH: Was it difficult to join de Camino developers ?

NK: No, it was pretty easy. I originally stumbled into #camino during the busy days right after version .8, and worked with great people like Samuel Sidler, mento, smfr, and pinkerton.

LH: Are you involved in other software projects ?

NK: Yes, I try to contribute to other Mozilla projects when I find the time. I also have several personal projects, the latest is a cocoa Mail application that embeds the browser view in Camino, and the mailnews stuff that is used in Thunderbird into a native Mac application. The project is called Correo (Spanish for mail) and it is in the early stages of development.

LH: (any urls ? )


LH: Anything you would like to say ?

NK: We are always looking for contributors for Camino, it doesn't matter if you write code or help with triage. If you are interested, please find your way into #camino and someone cane help you get started.

LH: Thank you for your time

NK: thanks ludo!

NK: np