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There's an increasingly coherent plan taking form at User:Froodian:MenuCleanup. Please take a look at it and leave any comments in the discussion.

This document tracks planned changes to the menu's layout for 1.1. See also the meta bug for menu cleanup, Bug 328173. We should discuss which of these actually make the cut, and which add up to menu bloat.

Current Proposals

Adding Menu Items

  • Menu item for "default font size" - Bug 181712 (has patch)
  • List all tabs in the Window menu (sessions) Bug 197720
    • An alternative to this is to use a palette, which is an idea I kind of like. -Froodian 23:17, 31 July 2006 (PDT)
      As do I; I think it keeps the Window menu from becoming unusable with heavy tab use, and the palette seems better tuned to scaling well across all levels of tab use. —sardisson 23:45, 31 July 2006 (PDT)
  • Move tab-set bookmarking UI to Bookmarks menu Bug 151093
    • Possibly with alternate menu items? It's still a hinderance against discoverability, but it means zero bloat. —Froodian 11:54, 1 August 2006 (PDT)
      I think anything we do here should be to improve discoverability, so it if doesn't improve discoverability, we don't want to do it. (OTOH, a dedicated shortcut for "Bookmark Tab Group without showing me the dialogue" might be cool in addition. I think there's already a bug asking for "Bookmark this Page without showing me the dialogue".) —sardisson 16:33, 1 August 2006 (PDT)
  • Move feedback menu item, and make new support menu item - Bug 347604
  • Add missing spell-check menu items - Bug 343299

Moving or Renaming Menu Items

  • Rename the Go menu History and rearrange - Bug 275170 and Bug 271943
    • Put "Show History" (and others?) in the Go menu
    • Move "Local Network Services" to the Bookmarks menu (and rename to Bonjour, to match the BM Manager?)
    • Move "Search the Web" to the Edit menu (with the Find options) [you're not "Go"ing to any page when selecting that, anyway]
  • Move "Find" options into its own submenu - Bug 279686 WONTFIX
  • "Page Info" should be in the View menu - Bug 319408

Removing Menu Items

  • Remove extra menu separators (Local Network Services and double History separator when there's no history) - Bug 321937

What We Need

We need to end up with a list of menus with menu items for Camino 1.1. Collecting this information and deciding about it all together makes this a feasible project in time for 1.1 given nibs' unpatchability and our review process. Items in bold differ from the current menu configuration. Any items appearing here have been approved by the dev team and pinkerton.


  • About Camino
  • Camino Feedback

  • Preferences...

  • Reset Camino...
  • Empty Cache...

  • Services >

  • Hide Camino
  • Hide Others
  • Show All

  • Quit Camino


  • New Window
  • New Tab
  • Open File...
  • Open Location...
  • Search the Web

  • Close Window -> Close All Windows
  • Close Tab
  • Save As...

  • Email Page Location

  • Import Bookmarks...
  • Export Bookmarks...

  • Page Setup...
  • Print...


  • Undo
  • Redo

  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Delete
  • Select All

  • Fill Form

  • Find in Page...
  • Find Again
  • Find Previous
  • Use Selection for Find

  • Spelling >

  • Special Characters... (On some systems)


  • Show/Hide Toolbar
  • Customize Toolbar...
  • Show/Hide Bookmarks Bar

  • Stop Loading Page
  • Reload Page -> Force Reload Page -> Reload all Tabs -> Force Reload all Tabs

  • Page Info/Bookmark Info (depending on context)

  • Bigger Text
  • Default Text Size
  • Smaller Text

  • View Source (Should have alternate menu item to respect shift modifier Bug 331839)

  • Text Encoding >


  • Home (Should have alternate menu item for "Home in new tab", although it will still be named home)
  • Back
  • Forward

  • Show History

  • History Items

  • History Folders

  • Clear History...


  • Add Page to Bookmarks...
  • Add Bookmark Folder...
  • Show/Hide All Bookmarks

  • Bonjour >

  • Bookmark Items


  • Minimize -> Minimize All
  • Zoom -> Zoom All

  • Previous Tab
  • Next Tab

  • Downloads

  • Bring All to Front

  • Windows


  • Camino Help

  • Camino Home Page
  • Camino Support

  • Installed Plug-Ins

Things That Need To Be Done To This Document

  • Collect individual menu item change ideas from Bug 275170, Bug 271943 and Bug 319408.
  • Try to collect group consensus somehow
    • Let's work out a solid proposal here, just doing what we think should be done, then present it to #camino in a /topic-ed meeting, where it can be shined out. —Froodian 12:26, 2 August 2006 (PDT)