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This document exists to track bugs and projects that could use some graphics lovin’. See also Website:Images Needed for website graphics needs.

Things Needing Only Graphics/Design

  • Bug 416270 - [10.5] dmg icon should include a 512x512 version
  • Bug 415322 - feedhandlers want larger icons
  • Bug 402967 - Fix light bands in large version of logo/application icon

Things That Will Need Graphics/Design At Some Point

  • Bug 175336 - Camino - Different finger icon for links that have a target
    this bug might be a 1.1 bug if smorgan fixes the companion Bug 257600
    • Waiting on draft 2 of icons from Hicks
  • Bug 181806 - Add "Go" button to toolbar
  • Bug 189930 - allow a tab group to be set as the home page (see comment 47 for possible prototype icon)
  • Bug 245000 - Implement a full-screen browsing mode
  • Bug 251677 - Implement Private Browsing (potentially an icon in the status bar when browsing privately)
  • Bug 287406 - Implement ability to create "Smart Folders" in bookmark manager
    Should use OS icon here on 10.5+
  • Bug 297376 - Activity/Media Viewer
  • Bug 311286 - Re-organise bookmarks manager to an iTunes-like library
  • Bug 316593 - Support for Plug-in Finder Service (PFS)
  • Bug 322199 - Visual feedback when cookies are denied
  • Bug 333531 - Add Preference to Restore Pop up Blocker in Status Bar (new popup block icon for the status bar?)
    • Can we use the new icon from the bar? Probably.


  • Bug 295165 - 32x32 versions of fileHtml.icns and fileBookmark.icns (icons) have a stray white pixel in the upper-right.
  • Bug 318888 - Color of download icon in prefs should match toolbar icon
  • Bug 235863 - Show/Hide Bookmarks toolbar button does not indicate state. Patch waiting
  • Bug 350296 - Mounted .dmg should leave Finder sidebar aliases (for Applications) visible (potential redesign of the dimmidge) WF
  • Bug 319777 - When a tab in the overflow menu is active, highlight the overflow menu (or scroll the tab bar) -- Needs previous and next arrows
  • Bug 303193 - Make error pages look less like Windows and more like Camino/Aqua
  • Bug 236674 - Separator appearance should be that of a separator in bookmark manager
  • Bug 355323 - Fix followup issues with changing the color of the pop-up blocker bar
    • Need top and bottom color values from the blue gradient so we can gradient programmatically (for wrapping bar, etc.)
    • attach the proper popup_blocked_icon.tif
  • Bug 348065 - Need to add 512x512 icon to Camino icon file (but see follow-up)
  • Bug 319186 - Symbols of the 24px versions of the new toolbar icons are shifted slightly too far left - WFM
  • Bug 359483 - Need a way to access all tabs quickly from the tab bar
  • Bug 395113 - Need toolbar icon for tabsposé
  • Bug 441732 - Anti-phishing "blocked" page needs its own site icon
    • Use the existing "blocked" icon
  • Bug 358299 - Built-in phishing detection
    • Graphics for the page; ardissone/ss have art from hicks
  • Bug 450542 - Need release-quality icons for content zoom toolbar buttons

No work needed

  • Bug 185436 - Software update for release builds (potentially need a notification graphic)
  • Bug 258211 - Implement Find Toolbar