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What does Camino have?

  • Address Book
    • We list address book entries in the bookmark manager
    • We have Show and Add context menu items for mailto: links
    • We do form fill using the Me card
  • Mail
    • We send links to any system default mail client
    • We create new mails in any system default mail client
  • Bonjour
    • We list available severs on the local network
  • Spotlight
    • We allow spotlight to search trough our bookmarks
  • Spellcheck
    • Camino uses the Mac OS X spelling dictionaries

What does Camino lack?

Below is a list of features that could be implemented to provide greater support for Mac OS X applications and services.

Parental controls

  • Black list: a list of websites a user can't access. A sheet will show and lead you to a blank page.
    • a sheet ??? :P
  • White list: a list of websites a user can access. Trying to access any other pages will not be possible. I'm assuming this would have bookmark bar integration.
    • bookmark bar integration ???
  • Perhaps a way for parents to lock preferences?

Dictionary lookup

  • Provide a way for users to lookup selected text in the system dictionary.
  • Show how definitions of words in the browser.
    Depends on Mac a11y support in Gecko - Bug 342989

iPhoto & iLife

iSync, .Mac.

  • There are QuickPicks available from PMC to backup a users profile.
  • Provide a way for users to easily backup and share their bookmarks using iSync and .mac Backup - Bug 228123

Send complete page to Mail

  • Provide a way of sending the html to Mail, similar to the way we do with Save HTML complete.
    • This is problematic because it assumes all mail clients =, and because of the poor support for HTML pasteboard flavors among Mac apps; see Gecko's HTML Complete is also an inappropriate format for doing this.

AppleScript support

Automator support

  • Provide automator actions/support to allow easy automation of tasks - Bug 339696