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Camino is an open source web browser developed with a focus on providing the best possible experience for Mac OS X users.

—Camino Project mission statement

Who is working on Camino?

The Camino Project is a group of people devoted to creating the best web browser for Mac OS X. Volunteers are divided up into teams in order to focus efforts.

Project Leaders

The following four people are the leaders of the project. They head development and work with the other team leaders to organize efforts.

  • Mike Pinkerton (primary lead)
  • Stuart Morgan
  • Mark Mentovai
  • Simon Fraser

In addition, the overall Team Coordinator for the following teams is Samuel Sidler.


The following people code the actual application. They’re responsible for implementing features and fixing bugs.

  • Mike Pinkerton (team leader)
  • Smokey Ardisson
  • Christopher Henderson
  • Chris Lawson
  • Stuart Morgan
  • Chris Peterson
  • Ilya Sherman
  • Dan Weber
  • Philippe Wittenbergh

While many people contribute code to Camino, this list contains only those people who actively contributed to Camino 2.1.

Translation (l10n) (website)

Those below are responsible for translating Camino’s interface into several languages, creating the multilingual version of Camino. This membership of this team is ever expanding; for a complete list, see the caminol10n Localization Teams page. Contributors to the current multilingual release can be found on the Camino Release 2.0 contributors page.

  • Marcello Testi (team leader)

Graphics & Web Design

Everyone likes pretty icons. This team ensures that every pixel of Camino looks great and also designs the Camino Project’s website.

  • Philippe Wittenbergh (team leader)

Website & Documentation

All of the text on this website, in press releases, and in the release notes is written and edited by this team.

  • Samuel Sidler (team co-leader)
  • Smokey Ardisson (team co-leader)
  • Stuart Morgan

QA & Bug Triage

The bug triage team is really made up of dozens of people. Each person who reports a bug contributes to the work of this team. The team leaders and main members are responsible for sifting through bugs; verifying, validating, resolving, and targeting them.

  • Smokey Ardisson (team leader)
  • Chris Lawson
  • Stuart Morgan
  • Samuel Sidler
  • Philippe Wittenbergh

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