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This document is obsolete; these have either been filed as bugs or WONTFIXed

Toolbar Search

  • Add a "Recent Searches" Section at the top of the popup menu.
  • Add an "Search on this Page..." Item that:
    • Opens the Find in Page panel.
    • Opens the new Fin in Page bar like Firefox.
  • Add a "Edit Search Engines" item which directs you to the Search engine manager that will be implemented in preferences (work is done on this).

The Action tool, Contextual menu toolbar item

  • It's a known fact that many users rarely use the contextual menu, or even understand what it's for as they don't know the name. In line with apples effort to bring the contextual menu option to the centre stage with the "action menu (why not context menu apple?)", I think Camino should provide a toolbar item containing the contextual menu options for the object in focus. This would be one for the default set.

Fill form

  • On default the form fill toolbar icon should be put in the toolbar. We have gotten many feedback emails from users looking for the feature, we should make it more visible as many users use it.
  • In the preferences we should add a "Open me car in address book" button so that people can easily edit and more importantly discover their Me card in the Address Book application.
    • Allow users to add custom entries in form, and remember them.
    • Auto-complete form field entries from the address book and the custom entries.
    • Allow users to edit the custom entries from the preferences.

Download Manager

  • Automatically download urls that are dropped on the manager window
  • Restart downloads
  • Automatically unpack and clean up downloads
    • mount dmg's and delete the dmg file when done
    • unpack apps that are in dmg's and trash the rest
    • unpack any zip format and trash the originak files?