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Recent nightly builds come bundled with a program called Talkback (it’s hidden down inside the Camino package). Talkback is a program that allows Mozilla to collect information about the stability of a product in the field, by detecting crashes, and sending information about each crash to a server at the Mozilla Foundation. Engineers can then go and look at the data, see which crashes are most frequent, and thus know where to spend their time when fixing bugs.

The information that Talkback sends can be inspected for each crash by clicking on the “Show details” button in the window that pops up after a crash. We don‘t collect any personal data, and if you see information in there that you don't want to be sent, you can disable it for each type of data. Generally, the information that gets collected is a stack crawl for the crash (like Crash Reporter shows you), what code was executing at the time of the crash, the contents of the registers, the memory containing the stack, a list of loaded libraries, the current environment variables, details about the OS version running, how much memory you have, the kind of processor, and some info on how many times you’ve run the product. (This is not an exhaustive list; look at the crash details to see exactly what gets sent.) We respect your privacy, and don’t collect any information about what sites you’ve visited. You may voluntarily enter a URL for a site that crashes, if applicable.

Please keep Talkback enabled as you run Camino, even though it may be annoying to have to deal with it when you crash. It gives us valuable information that we can use to make Camino better, and more stable.

Talkback stores some files in ~/Library/Application Support/FullCircle. You may delete this directory if you wish to remove old Talkback data.