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Camino's Advanced Features

Add a Google Search bar to the toolbar

The Google search bar should already be on the toolbar when you run Camino, but there are certain instances that would cause it to not display. If that's the case:

  1. Choose "Customize Toolbar..." from the View menu.
  2. In the customization panel that comes down, drag the Search field up over the toolbar and release the mouse to drop the item on the toolbar. If you want to change the locations of other items, just drag them around.
  3. Click the "Done" button to dismiss the customization panel.

Add your own search engines to the Google Search Bar's popup

See the Search Customization page.

Find As You Type

Find As You Type allows you to search within a document without opening a separate find window:

  1. Make sure the focus is in the html content area (not the url bar, for example)
  2. Type a forward slash ("/")
  3. Type as much of the string you want to search for until you find it.

After the slash key, everything you type becomes part of the search string and Camino will highlight the first occurrence it can find in the document, scrolling to it if it needs to. If the string is not found, the status bar will tell you. You may press delete at any time to remove characters from the end of the search string. Camino will scroll to find the closest match for the new search string. You may press esc at any time to stop the search, or let it time out which takes about 5 seconds.