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The Camino Community

Camino users and contributors form a loosely knit community providing support and feedback to one another. It is an excellent resource for questions and requests for help, as well as for getting started contributing to the project. There are several ways to contact the community:

Mailing List

The Camino mailing list is a good place to talk about Camino issues with other users, and to give feedback about Camino; this list is informally monitored by the developers. Note that this list has been renamed from chimera@mozdev.org to camino@mozdev.org.

You can sign up for the Camino mailing list, or view the archives, at: http://mozdev.org/mailman/listinfo/camino

Camino Forum at Mozillazine

Camino has its own [forum] where you can discuss the project. Post questions or comments (but search the archives to check whether your question has already been answered!)

Camino IRC Channel

There are almost always a few people in the #camino channel at irc.mozilla.org, if you want to discuss Camino in real time.