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Maybe we should lay out our ideas for how the Docs need to be structured so that we know what we're trying to accomplish with each piece of information. For instance, promotional information and support information will probably need to be written differently and located in different places on the final site.

Off the top of my head, here are some things we'll probably need (items that already exist in some form on the beta site are in bold; items that exist in some form somewhere in the morass of the Moz site are in italic). Please add to or correct this list if it's incomplete:

(This is a note from the designer :) I would strongly recommend to fit the structure below in the segemnts I layed out in the beta site. I also want to make sure everybody knows every page should be reachable within 3/5 mouse clicks from the main page.

Promotional / Introductory Docs

  • Introduction / Overview
  • Feature List - Maybe this needs an actual list at the top for an easier overview.
    • Including but not limited to Screenshots
    • Link to Release notes / Changelog
  • Download / Install
    • System Requirements
    • Download Link
    • Nightly Download Link (with clear caveat that nightlies may offer newer features but are often less stable than official builds)
    • Installation Instructions
  • License Overview (with link to full text of license)
  • Link to mailing-list and associated projects

User and Support Docs

  • "Getting Started" - Introductory tutorial (installation, maybe go through the available prefs, introduce tabbed browsing, etc.) (Here's a start, Compliments of Paul Irwin) Could this page include Flash tutorials showing the features? (It may be better to use QuickTime? movies -- everybody on a Mac will have QT, whereas there is a slight chance that they won't have Flash. That, and Snapz Pro does nice little QT screen capture movies [I've got this software -- others?]) (I would like to propose to avoid this as much as possible due to bandwith and the size of files, I'm sure we can do very good simple explanations with images aswell)
  • FAQ
  • Reference Manual: in-depth; searchable if possible; should have table of contents
    • Installation
    • Navigation
    • Appearance and Customization
    • Browsing (aka Web Features)
    • Bookmarks System
    • Privacy and Security
    • Troubleshooting
    • Getting Help
    • Other Resources
  • Tips and Tricks - Most of the stuff in the current Moz "Tips and Tricks" or beta "How to" seems to be advanced FAQ and maybe needs to be moved; a couple things, like customizing the search bar or using hidden prefs, are power-user tips/tricks. Also, maybe it should at least have a list at the top so you don't have to browse the whole thing looking for a specific item?
    • Hidden Preferences
    • Custom stylesheets (can include ad blocking)
  • Refer users to MozillaZine? Forums / Mailing List / IRC?

Developer / Contributor Docs

  • Development
    • Working within the Moz process - Bugzilla, Tinderbox, CVS access, et al.
    • Things you'll need or need to know: Fink, Cocoa
    • License overview as it relates to developers (with link to full text of license)
    • Build Instructions
    • Code styling
    • Development cycle
  • Other ways to contribute
    • Why / How to file bugs
    • Testing Nightlies
    • Support
    • Evangelism
    • Translation
    • Documentation
  • Road Map


  • Announcements of new releases et al.
  • Release Notes / Changelog