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Stefan's Remarks:

  • Stop using Lucida Sans in italic. Simply ugly.
    • Agreed will change in next version
      • That's way better :D
  • Either use Myriad (Apple's signatrue font as used in the "Get Camino" buttons) or whatever the Mozilla Foundation uses in their product pages for the header. I'd tend to Myriad, because layout is similar to apple.com.
  • By the way... How should this fit in with Mozilla's header where the tabs are? Shouldn't it?
    • We will not use the mozilla header, we have our own complete page styling.
  • I really like the coffee table for news, the rescue rings for help etc. But there should be an iconic metaphor for the features, too.
    • Agreed I just need a visual consept, which is the hard part :)
      • Why not use the four main navigation buttons, nicely arranged?
  • Register getcamino.com when finished website development.
    • we have caminox.org already, maybe more is to much?
      • didn't know about that.
        • getcamino.com is active.
  • That's it for the moment. (-- Stefan Winopal)

Stefan's Remarks (2)

  • Change Download button text to something more unified. For example "Latest Release" on both buttons and smaller "English only" or "14 Languages" in the next line. When using the word Download then use on all buttons.
  • Make the two download buttons in two shades of green to avoid confusion, move Latest Nightly Button to development page. The end user will most likely download a release.
  • Make quick reference more quick: Only show headline and slide out the full discription when clicked (JavaScript?) or just link to the appropriate page.
  • Encourage people to spread the word about Camino on the frontpage by linking the buttons page. This one should be by the way a subpage of Project instead of Support. Add Sections to Project page to reflect this structural change.
  • Move system requirements to the bottom of the quick references or make it a slide within the quicker quick reference.
  • That's it for the new version which is even nicer than before ;-) (-- Stefan Winopal)


  • The beta site looks really great. Put it live soon. --Engla