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Camino practices the art of simplicity, providing the features you would expect from a modern web browser in an attractive, uncluttered interface. The features added in every new release are carefully thought-out to ensure that our product's usability is enhanced without sacraficing its ease-of-use.

The world's best standards compliant rendering engine

At the heart of every web browser is its rendering engine, the component responsible for laying out the content of web sites. Camino uses the Gecko rendering engine, the same engine used in the Mozilla suite and the popular Firefox web browser. Gecko renders web pages faster and more accurately than any other rendering engine on the planet. Not only is it incredibly fast but it supports the latest w3c Web standards such as HTML, XML, XHTML, XSLT, DOM, CSS and JavaScript as well as popular plug-ins such as QuickTime, Flash, Shockwave and Java.

OS X native

Unlike other browsers Camino integrates well into your existing Mac OS X computing environment. The native Cocoa interface and the beautifully designed icons make Camino a decorative desktop citizen.

Camino supports the services inside the application menu to provide quick acces to other tools and utilities installed on your machine. It also integrates the Adress Book into it's bookmark manager, so you'll never forget the URLs of your closest friends again.


Saving, organizing, and accessing bookmarks has never been easier.

Camino's developers have worked hard to provide a true Macintosh experience; nowhere is this more evident than In Camino's Bookmarks Library. If you've ever used iTunes™ or Safari™ then you'll feel right at home with this simple, split-pane interface. Here, you can edit bookmark names and addresses just as though you were renaming an icon on your desktop. You can create any number of folders in your library and choose whether they appear in the bookmarks bar or menu. The

Pop-Up Blocking

Camino puts an end to annoying popup windows with it's pop-up blocking technology. This one feature alone makes surfing the Web a much more enjoyable experience by preventing sites from opening windows that get in between you and the information you're looking for.

Most popups are unwanted but some sites make legitimate use of them so to ensure that you can always fully use the site you're vising Camino will display an icon in the status bar whenever it blocks a popup. If you want to allow the site to use pop--ups you can unblock the site or access Camino's white list by clicking the icon.


Searching has become a major part of the the modern Web browsing experience and Camino provides the tools you need to find what you're looking for quickly.

Camino has the ability to search right from within the toolbar using Google or a host of other search engines. Additionally, find as you type allows the user to search within the current page for info. If you're looking to search your bookmarks, Camino also has a built-in search tool in the bookmark manager, so all of your information is just seconds away.

User Privacy

Camino makes it easy to manage and remove information that has been stored while you've been surfing; things such as cookies, downloaded files, history and cache. By using Camino's privacy settings you can prevent cookies from being set on your computer on a global or per-site basis; Camino gives you control over your privacy in a way that' simple to understand and confgure.

Not only does Camino offer privacy protection; it also offers security protection. Camino won't allow for things like animated staus bar tickers that obscure where a link leads or let a malicious web designer make a link look like it goes one place when it really goes somewhere else. [I'm not sure if the latter part of this statement is appropriate as no browser really lets it happen; that was a security hole that's since been patched -- Mike S.]

Tabbed Browsing

Tabbed browsing offers a way to surf the Internet which allows you to have multiple pages open while only having to manage a single window. If you like you can still have multiple windows or even multiple windows each with multiple tabs. Tabs can be set to load the pages in the background or immediately become the front most page; the choice is yours.

The advantage of tabbed browsing is that you can open linked pages into background tabs as you continue to read a page. For example; you're reading the daily news and the article links to more data about the subject.

Using a non-tabbed browser you could choose to open the link in a new window and then return to the article or wait until you finished the article and then go back and find the link. Using a tabbed browser you can send the link into a tab where it will load in the background and be ready for reading when you're finished with your article; once you're accustomed to tabs anything else will just feel clumsy.

Camino may not the only browser on the market with tabs but we think we've got them done right.

For more information on how to take advantage of tabbed browsing, go here

Download Manager

Camino's Download Manager is compact yet informational as well as user-friendly. It displays all pending and completed downloads as a graphical list along with information such as time until completion and download speed. The Download Manager saves screen space by providing one window for all of your downloading needs.

Open Source

The Camino team is proud to say that our product is 100% open-source software. This revolutionary method of development allows a diverse group of people from around the world to work together on a product that is truly developed by and for the people.

Open-source software tends to be more robust and secure than closed-source software. With so many eyes going over the code in Camino and especially its Gecko rendering engine, mistakes are caught quickly and the result is a more robust and secure product.

Because Camino lacks a corporate agenda, its developers are free to do what they feel is best for their users and the software community. This results in a dedication to open standards that is necessary in order for internet technology to move forward in directions that are beneficial to end-users.

If you are interested in the Camino development process, we encourage you to visit our development page. We are always looking for developers with skills ranging from graphic and web design to testers and coders.