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(A lot of this can be found in the ReadMe, but it may make sense to include some of it on the site -- System requirements certainly need to be available; and often people ignore ReadMe's.)

System Requirements

Installation Instructions



To install Camino, simply drag the Camino icon onto your hard disk. We recommend that you copy it to the Applications folder. You can then Eject this disk image. If you like, you can drag Camino from its location on your hard drive to your dock to have it easily accessible at all times. You might also wish to select Camino as your default browser in the Internet system preferences pane (under the Web tab). [Did this change in Panther?]

Importing existing bookmarks (and passwords and cookies?)

After installation, you may want to import bookmarks from another browser. Open Camino and choose “Import Bookmarks” from the "Camino" application menu. In the resulting file dialog, choose the bookmarks file you wish to import, and click Open. The bookmarks will be imported.

Introduction to preferences


To get rid of all the files related to Camino, do the following:

  • Make sure that Camino is not running
  • Hold the control key and click on the Camino icon in the dock
  • Select "Show in Finder"
  • Drag the Camino icon from the Finder window to the trash
  • Drag the Camino icon off the dock
  • [Optional] Drag the [tilde]/Library/Application Support/Camino folder to the trash