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Marketing Camino: Take back the Mac

Why this document?

Firefox is a huge success on all platforms, because The Mozilla Foundation and the community are investing a lot of time and resources marketing it. But when it comes to the Mac, some users might think things like "Hey, why can't I access my address book from within Firefox?", because they know this feature already from Safari. Some Mac users simply don't know about Camino and that they can have Mozilla power, Mac style. They aren't aware that there is a browser available from Mozilla that takes a complete different approach. All they see are the media reports on Firefox and that it's available for three platforms, including the Mac. Or perhaps they're told by the Windows folks to try Firefox. In case they like it, they'll probaply stay with it. If not they go back to where they came from which are most likely Safari or Internet Explorer.

What do we need to do?

Everyone who had business studies will know the AIDA formula. So here's how we could apply it to Camino. Our goal has to be to make the Mac folks want to try Camino.

1. (Attract) Attention

  • I don't know how much Mozilla will help by reserving a prominent place on their home page. So we need to activate the users. We have to spread the buttons Jon Hicks created for example. The end of this step is the new Camino site that Jasper is preparing at the moment.

2. (Arouse) Interest

  • With the new Camino site as an entrypoint this will be no big deal. Users first see the pictures, so that Camino's gorgeous designed windows (especially the new tabs) will catch their eyes, which leads us to step three...

3. (Create) Desire

  • Their eyes on the texts and the screenshots explaining Camino's great features, potential users will soon start thinking "Oh... I wanna try this cute little browser" (or something like that). So they most likely will proceed to the download which is step 4, the most important one.

4. (Make) Action (Easy)

  • Users don't like searching. So download links have to be placed prominently and should be in a colored box or something, decorated with down pointing arrows, which are a highly acknowledged symbol for download.
    • Publish only one international version of Camino. Users could be confused. Remember that Camino is a Mac application where everything is "just working".
    • Publish a variety of language-specified Camino packages. If you worry about download size. Imagine you were in europe or asia and you have to download almost 3 MB more just because of your mother thongue is not english. Sounds a little bit unfair, doesn't it?
  • From such a professional looking site and the name Mozilla people expect a highly professional program where even the details look polished. Nothing should look unfinished:
    • Style, if possible, the Icon of the mounted disk image. Delicious Library (http://www.delicious-monster.com/) has a nice one.
    • Display the license when mounting the disk image. Looks professional and there is less clutter on the image.
    • Update the folder's background graphic. Use something more current.
    • Add help to Camino. Users will stick with the product more likely when you include some docs for offline usage.

Just some thoughts how Camino could reach more users. Discuss it here, please.